Dough Conditioner: Market Outlook

A dough conditioner is any ingredient or chemical applied to the bread dough to reinforce or otherwise enhance its texture. Dough conditioners may include enzymes, mineral salts, yeast nutrients, oxidants, emulsifiers and reductants. Dough conditioner have a performance enhancing function in the dough.

Dough conditioners are important in the baking industry as they can strengthen the handling of the dough, the creation and preservation of gas, increase the volume of the loaf, improve the structure and texture of the crumb, improve the production of the crust and increase the colour richness of the baked product.

The global demand for dough conditioners is expected to increase significantly during the forecast period due to an increase in the consumption of baked goods. The ingredients of the dough conditioners are approved by the FDA and simplified healthy for human consumption, making them a desirable commodity on the market. The demand for dough conditioners is expected to witness substantial growth from 2020 to 2030 across the globe.

The demand for dough conditioners has strengthened demand growth prospects as a result of increased snacks and the need for breakfast. Small players that supply the demand for dough conditioners to bakeries, fast service restaurants and other food service industries are largely fragmented worldwide. Due to the increasing demand for freshly baked products worldwide, there is a substantial increase in the market for dough conditioners.

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Dough Conditioner is Growing as a Lucrative Ingredient Among Bakers Driving the Growth of the Global Market for Dough Conditioners

The rising concern among bakers about use of dough conditioners to improvise the colour, texture and handling of the dough is anticipated to drive the market during the forecast period. In addition, the increasing demand for bakery and confectionery products in the food and beverage industry due to rising per capita incomes and changing consumer lifestyles further boost the growth of the global dough conditioner market. 

The demand for dough conditioner in developing countries is projected to expand moderately. Emerging countries including China, India, and Brazil are expected to develop rapidly in the background of evolving consumer habits and strengthening supply chain. Established economies have seen a growing number of in-store bakeries fuelling the growth of global dough conditioner market.

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Global Dough Conditioner Market: Key Players

Some of the major players operating in global dough conditioner market including Associated British Foods, Swiss Bake Ingredients Pvt Ltd., Agrano GmbH & Co. Ltd, Lallemand Baking Solutions, Gum Technology Inc, Caldic B.V., Calpro Foods Pvt Ltd., KB Ingredients LLC, Zeeland International B.V. and Others

  • In 2001, Lallemand acquired Chr. Hansen's sour dough starter culture business, that was part of Lallemand 's European yeast business, was named Lallemand Specialty Bakery.


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Global Dough Conditioner: Market Opportunities

The demand for dough conditioners has greater opportunities for growth as an outcome of an upsurge in the demand for snacks and portions of food. Numerous small and local players are involved in the market for dough conditioners and provide service to restaurants, bakeries, cafes and other food service industries.

Manufacturers of dough conditioners are agreeing to have clean labels on the product describing the ingredients contained. There are few producers offering the product in small packages for household purposes. Many manufacturers are supposed to follow the approach to raise demand for dough conditioners among home bakers. Manufacturers are also expected to launch new products with versatility, bread-enhancing properties and flavours. Emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil and others are expected to rise dramatically in the light of evolving eating habits, in line with western culture.

It is expected that a growing focus on Research and development activities in the existing products for the production of high-quality products such as natural & organic agave syrup, which is anticipated to show lucrative growth over the forecast period. Increased acceptance of RTD beverages in developing countries, specifically in the European and Asia Pacific regions, has boosted growth for agave syrup market in these regions.

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