Potassium Caseinate: Market outlook

The increasing health and wellness awareness among the consumers is leading to the growing demand for functional food and beverages over the past few years. The fueling demand for functional food products is strongly backed up by the increasing disposable incomes of the consumers in both developed and developing economies, creating a strong need for functional ingredients and compounds. The functional compounds not only aids in increasing the nutritional content of the food products but also provide the necessary functional properties. Potassium caseinate is one such compound which is gaining traction in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry over the forecast period.

The acidification of the skimmed milk forms potassium caseinate. The skim milk is precipitated to form caseins thereafter adding alkali potassium prior to drying to form potassium caseinate. The addition of the alkali potassium makes the caseinate predominantly useful for its high nutritional value.  Besides, potassium is a vital mineral that safeguards the proper functioning of cells, synthesis of carbohydrates and proteins, and proper transmission and distribution of nerve impulses. The potassium caseinate is thus added to the functional food and beverages, including bakery & confectionery, beverages, processed meat, snack food, frozen desserts, and others. Also, potassium caseinate is used in infant and clinical nutrition products. Potassium caseinate is also finding application in sports nutrition products as potassium limits the onset of muscle pains and cramps related to physical exertion.  Also, potassium caseinate is used in food and beverage products attributed to its numerous functional properties including emulsification, stabilizing foaming, thickening, and others, which is again boosting the demand for potassium caseinate among the food and beverage manufacturers.

Increasing Demand for Functional Food and Numerous Functional Properties is Leading to the Escalating Demand for Potassium Caseinate

Today’s consumers are getting aware and conscious about the deteriorating health and increasing lifestyle-related issues and diseases due to their hectic lifestyles and improper nutritional intake.  Consumers are thus, readily shifting towards consuming healthier food products which aid in the wellbeing of the individuals. The Increasing demand for functional food and beverages among the consumers is the primary driver for the growing demand for the potassium caseinate over the forecast years. Besides, the increasing market for infant and clinical nutrition due to increasing awareness among millennials and baby boomers is again uplifting the demand for potassium caseinate over the forecast years.

Potassium caseinate is also used as a dietary supplement by athletes and bodybuilders, who consume it before bed, or as a post-workout meal, as potassium caseinate breaks down at a slower rate than other milk protein, thus supplying the body with a sustained protein release. Potassium caseinate is widely used in winemaking and juices to help prevent oxidation, and for the removal of oxidized phenolic components, this is further anticipated to boost its market in the near future.

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However, the major drawback with sodium caseinate is that it contains milk protein, which, in some instances, is likely to cause an allergic reaction. Governing bodies such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration have strongly deprecated the consumption of products with sodium caseinate to people who have sensitivity towards lactose and have lactose intolerance. This might hamper the market for sodium caseinate over the forecast period.

Global Potassium Caseinate: Key Players

Some the key players operating their business in the global Potassium Caseinate market are Erie Foods International, Inc., ARMOR PROTEINES SAS, AMCO Proteins, American Casein Company, National Casein Company, Prolactal GmbH, JLS Foods International, Koninklijke FrieslandCampina N.V., Rogers & Company Foods Pty Ltd, Titan Biotech Ltd, among others 

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Opportunities for Potassium Caseinate Market Participants:

North America is anticipated to be a strong market for potassium caseinate over the forecast years owing to the increasing consumption for dietary supplements and functional foods among the consumers in the region. This is backed by the rising health and wellness awareness among consumers and high per capita disposable income of the families. Besides, increasing awareness regarding proper clinical and infant nutrition is again creating strong market demand for potassium caseinate all across the globe. Asia Pacific region is anticipated to have the highest growth prospects for potassium caseinate market owing to increasing per capita expenditure of the consumers and increasing trend for premium and healthier food products.

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