Hazardous materials or manipulating substances require a controlled environment. If you are a part of a pharmaceutical company, you must understand the importance of an ideal environment. This is meant for protecting the workers who are dealing with toxic chemicals. This is where glove boxes are necessary.


Glove Box Systems



It is a sealed container with aerobic chambers meant for industries that need processing capabilities to control humidity, air and water. Usually, glove boxes are manufactured to provide an inert atmosphere integrated within to make it a stand-alone system for the entire functional process.

So, if you are working in any chemical manufacturing industry, then glove box systems can provide a separate environment to restrict hazardous outflow.

How are Glove Box systems designed?

Glove boxes are enclosures that are customised to provide an inert chamber of different sizes.  You can choose from a basic glove box, controlled environment glove box, inflatable glove box, filtration glove box, vacuum glove box, biohazard glove box or multi-hazard glove box.


The glove box systems have gloves arranged to help users place their hands inside the box without breaking it. The glove box basically serves two purposes — first, allowing an individual to work with hazardous substances, including infectious disease agents or radioactive elements. And, the second purpose is to enable working with substances that require high purity and inert atmosphere, including nitrogen gas.

A Glove box is designed to hold the main chamber and a transition cable. You can use it under positive or negative pressure. Chemicals that come under negative pressure needs to be protected from exposure, as these compounds have the capacity to react violently. Whereas chemicals with negative pressure work otherwise.

Which Glove box systems should you choose?

Based on the application industry and the environment that would be suitable for the chemical, the configuration of the glove box systems is decided. You first need to understand the impact of the chemical on its surroundings and the type of equipment required to deal with it.


The engineering process of making Glove box systems should be based on research, product quality and price. You can segregate the glove box based on the dew point, oxygen content and necessity of cleanliness. Choose a stainless steel vacuum glove box, plexiglass vacuum glove box, radiation-proof glove box, etc.

What are the industrial uses of Glove Box Systems?

The system can be modulated into an antechamber, removable windows, lighting units and adjustable slabs to meet every functional and operational requirement. It has a broad spectrum of applications and delivers significant value, and saves time.

Radio-frequency Sealing

If you want to preserve and protect artefacts that include manuscripts or fossils to study the origin of the earth, history, and the evolution of species. Glove boxes with special RF sealing are recommended to species, and fragile biological samples can be easily preserved in these isolators.

Packing Lithium Battery Electrode

Every day, you use lithium batteries in a thousand forms, such as medical needs, military requirements, etc. Now, if these lithium batteries are not sealed properly, then they can become explosive. So, for safe handling of lithium batteries, Lithium Battery Electrode Glove Box Isolators are used.

Horticulture Research

Terrarium glove boxes are designed to analyse the development stage of a hybrid plant. Plant research requires strict environmental conditions that would help study the growth rate and additional requirements to obtain the desired result. So, now you can closely observe the plant and also examine the growth rate and soil quality. Through the Terrarium glove box, you can easily keep track of the oxygen build-up and other environmental gas levels within the vents.

Suspicious Mail investigations

Another interesting use of glove box systems is at the postal services. On receiving any suspicious mail or item, it goes to the mailroom glove box first. It is examined and given a safety clearance certificate. This is just to ensure the safety of the company or individual where the mail would be delivered.

Meteoroid Nitrogen Glove Box Isolator

Scientists usually deal with objects, including a collection of meteoroids or stardust or any outer space fragments. The list also includes crystals and rocks found on the earth. To maintain the atmosphere, such as low humidity, low particles, uses of nitrogen gas, researchers use glove boxes to apprehend the knowledge about these elements.


Every research work or laboratories and industries dealing with harmful materials use glove boxes to ensure the complete safety of the worker. Check the specification before buying one, whether it fits the purpose.

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