The cameras have gone. Motion capture was removed. Only the Xsens suits remain left. Eaves states that drift was a concern. We knew where joints of FUT 22 Coins players were with respect to each other however, they were not to one another in space. 

It meant that players would play around, and then come back to their starting place ten metres away. The game-changing feature of EA's is the local positioning system. Rather than GPS satellites, LPS beacons were dotted around the stadium, with motion sensors attached to the players their chests.

This enabled for high-quality footage to be captured in a football match. Eaves claims that the teams of Spain's third division were chosen because of their history of rivalry. "They're professionally-coached teams with incredible technique. They play possession-based football with control and precision - perfect for a video game because we want it to be fast and entertaining."

EA offered no direction other than the players and coaches being told that this was a must-win match. "Just as in a real game, the players were switched between turns, we could take tired defenders and new forwards as the game opened up," recalls Eaves. It was clear that there was animosity. It was exactly the opposite of what we wanted.

EA could record the intensity and the physicality of real-life sports with the off-the-ball activities like shouting, pointing, or posturing. "If you see a stuntman tackle an opponent in a motion capture environment, and they pop back up and it's not as intense as the aggression of a real challenge," explains Eaves. The physicality of the game is real. We can take the frustration of cheap FIFA 22 Coins the player and create our own game.