Monkeys cause a ruckus in city officials are unable to save them, Due to monkey catcher or staff shortage. Five animals belonging to Sanjay Gandhi National Park has been attacking houses in Thane over the last few days.

A few days after Thane residents complained about a group animals from Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) attacking their homes, forest department officials stated that they are lacking the manpower and tools to save the animals.


According to locals the group of five monkeys have been seen within Naupada, Pachpakhadi, Kopri, Teen Hath Naka, Harinivas Circle, near Mayor's bungalow and Ghodbunder Road. Animal rescuers have said that the monkeys had moved away from their habitat to the city to search for water and food. water.

Mayur Maru, 44, resident in Sita Vihar, Naupada, Thane said that this week, the monkeys walked into his home through the window.

"My wife runs an inside boutique. The monkeys damaged the clothes and damaged the mannequins. The monkeys left once we chased them away with the assistance of security guards" Maru said. Maru. Maru added that it was three times that the animals taken over his house.

"Forest department officials have said that they are unable to do anything since they're not staffed properly and do not have sufficient equipment. Thus, they're able to educate citizens about how to live with animals," Maru said. Maru.

Residents say they've been complain to forest officials for the last 15 days regarding the monkeys but without any success.

President and Monkey catcher near me of the Thane Natural History Society, Kaustubh Darves, 29 explained, "Whenever there are complaints received from the forest department regarding monkeys living in housing societies or living in one particular home that are being referred to us. We are trying to help with any possible way. In the event of rescue, we require the help of a cage and van. However, neither of these are provided by the [forest department."

He said, "There is no permanent solution to this issue. Human beings will need to be taught to live in harmony with monkeys. We will need to train forest personnel who are able to respond in times of emergency."

A Forest department official has said that they've informed their senior citizens about the urgent requirement for human resources and equipment.

"As Thane city is located near SGNP Monkeys are able to easily get into urban areas close to the forest. The department has been informed responsible of our request, and they will likely to be met in the near future," said Dilip Deshmukh the range for forest officers (RFO), Thane.

The department also uses the assistance of the NGO as well as animal rescuers of the city from time to time.