I would have earned more with OSRS Gold a better skill. I played 76 of the dung. I got to 79.5. To find out the amount of xp I gained to dung, you would have to determine the difference between 76 and 79.5. I got around 7.5k per medium lamp. If you have 99 medium, a medium lamp will cost approximately 17k. If I had used the skill at a higher level, there would have been more xp.

It was fascinating to observe that 50k stats awarded after you've gotten almost all of the pieces needed for the guard and dragon. In addition, there is a 10m rare reward. I believe this means that 500k won't be available as a reward until you get the two sets. Since you can't get doubles for items from the same set, you have an increased chance of getting god and divine swords. This is what I recommend. No. If you buy a 99, it will cost around 1300-1600. Not worth it.

Just a quick poll. I'm sure that a majority of users find the Yelp of Irritation buying spins annoying, but what do you think about the impact it has on new players? Will they see it as part of their game? It could be a distraction for those who have been around but it won't ease the lives of those who know the way things work.

Does skill seem diminished or simply accepted as part of normal gameplay? I'm not sure whether it's essential for players who are new. Maybe it's an advantage that they can grind every once in a while to Buy Old School RS Gold earn a extra cash. Does that really cheapen skills once things are evened out and everyone has paid their initial cash?