Before buying vanilla beans in a huge quantity, it is necessary to gain the right knowledge regarding its storage. It is a well-known fact that vanilla beans are expensive. So, when you purchase them in a bulk quantity it becomes necessary to store them rightly. Hence, follow these storage tips and keep your vanilla beans intact and fresh for a long duration.

Tip 1- If you have received your beans in a vacuum sealed-bag and you do not want to use them right away, keep the bag in a similar condition at a cool and dark place. In case you have opened the bag and have used only a handful of beans, store remaining bags in a double zipper bag or in a jar with a tight-fitting cork or lids. Protect them from air and moisture by wrapping them in a wax paper.

 Tip 2- Never refrigerate the beans. Doing so will deteriorate its quality and may even make them unusable. What happens, when you store vanilla beans in a refrigerator, moisture levels and humidity make them dry and even lead to the formation of mold.

Tip 3- The shelf life of beans is approximately 1-2 year if stored properly. The fresh beans are moist, pungent and oily. When you purchase the beans from the grocery store, they are already dried out so, there is no point to store such beans. Use them immediately by making vanilla extract instead. If you have purchased them from known supplier, then you can use store them for even one year. For this, it is necessary that vanilla beans are stored at the right temperature, away from the reach of sunlight and with no or little air reaching the pods.

A helpful tip is to never throw your dried Vanilla beans as you can still use them. What you need to do is simply soak them in warm water for a few hours for rehydrating them. So, keep these small yet useful storage tips in the mind and enjoy your purchase for a long duration. The right storage of fresh beans retains their flavor for 1 year for sure. So, try to use them before the mentioned timeline to experience its natural flavor and aroma.