Based on EA's rules, gamers are not allowed to buy and sell FIFA 22 coins. And if they find out, your account may get banned. Then you shouldn't trust all FIFA coins seller, because the transferring method that they use may be against the EA's rules. Some Fut coins sellers know how to transfer those coins with a way which isn't against the rules. WhatsGaming is one of those FIFA coins websites. It has been selling and buying FIFA coins for several years. It has two transferring methods and both of them are safe, easy and fast.

Player Auction is the first method that you can use to get the coins. In Player Auction, you will be asked to place your non-important and cheap players on transfer market with specific prices. Then WhatsGaming's automated platform will find your players and buy them with higher prices, at the end you will receive your FIFA 22 coins.

The second method is Comfort Trade that is much easier. In Comfort Trade method, you should provide your account's login information and then the experts will take care of the rest. A few hours later, your FIFA 22 coins will be in your account.