Plumbing emergencies are simply unavoidable. Like every other system your home plumbing is also going to develop snags over time and problems of many different types will start coming up one after another. Homeowners tend to ignore some plumbing issues but there may also be problems those cannot be held back and quick action needs to be taken. In order to solve plumbing emergencies timely many homeowners prefer professional plumbing companies to take care of the situation. They have the necessary training; tools and expertises required to solve all plumbing issues and are great help for the owners.

Though you can always call Emergency Plumbing in Bangor whenever there is a situation, but there are also ways to avoid serious plumbing problems and you won’t be required to call for professional services on a regular basis.

How to avoid serious home plumbing problems

There are two ways to avoid home plumbing problems to a large extent and they are

  • Proper maintenance round the year
  • Keep your eyes open for warning signs


Proper maintenance is the key to have a smoothly working plumbing system for years. You should be performing a thorough plumbing inspection once in every 18 to 20 months for natural wear and tear, leaks and cracks. All of these could create major issues if not taken care of in time.

For proper inspection for faults in the system and subsequent maintenance jobs, hiring a professional plumbing service is recommended. There technicians are specially trained for this purpose and are capable of doing their job to the desired results. Here are a few things that you should not forget to include in your maintenance plan.

  • A thorough inspection of the entire plumbing system
  • Drain cleaning and clearing the clogs
  • Replacing worn or damaged parts and components

Checking out the associated appliances is also an important part of your maintenance process. Common appliances like the HVAC system for hot water, washing machines and dish washers – all should be checked for faults and performance and if found old or not performing optimally should be replaced with new and more energy efficient models if possible.

Never ignore the warning signs

Always keep in mind that your plumbing system is designed to work in complete silence and if it is making any sound anywhere – it is giving you warning for some major fault. Here a few signs those might tell you a plumbing emergency is more likely to occur and you better take precaution to prevent a major situation like Blocked Drain in Sans Souci.

  • Unusual or odd rotten smell at your home
  • Talking pipes or other strange sound is coming out of the pipes
  • Gurgling sinks and toilets
  • Appliances making unnatural sounds or leaking water
  • Multiple faucets leaking at the same time
  • Low water pressure all around the house
  • Drains are regularly getting clogged and throwing back

If any of the above mentioned signs you find at your home, you can very well guess that there is a possible problem with the main water line or main sewer line and it is time to give your plumbing service a call.