When your partner gets behind you, in that intimate skin-to-skin, there is this inner emotional journey that you begin.

Your heart beats, your body feels, your soul shows itself.

An emotional connection is a connection of love. In this mix of physical and spiritual affinity, connecting with your partner offers you a multitude of exceptional feelings and feelings, so it is important to know how to create a real emotional connection with the one you love so that your relationship is successful. flourish over time.

This emotional connection is a relational entry that will bring your relationship to life in all its nature.

This emotional communion in the heart of the living is born when we are able to become fully aware of our emotions and our feelings by communicating them to our partnership with a single goal which is to achieve a bond and to deepen our intimacy as a couple.

Behind this way of coming into contact with the other, there is all the trust that sets in. Indeed, the more you get into the essence of this emotional connection of love, the more depth and durability you will give your relationship. The connection of love is rich in personal exchanges and it takes its place when everything is right and aligned between the two people when everything is allowed when the reciprocal commitments are those of love.

The love connection is not practiced with everyone. It takes its source in a deep contact between the two people when the two partners have decided to lay bare no matter what when their souls have a dialogue together when their hearts resonate in two intimate beats. The emotional connection begins with you first. Indeed, it took a personal journey before accepting to experience such a connection, such power for two. This connection only has meaning if it is imprinted with your experience.

Your resilience to life, your life path strewn with stories then finds meaning when you meet the one with whom you will live this unique and reciprocal connection of love and I said reciprocal because there is no point in seeking to provoke the connection of love if your love, your soul mate is not in the same path of life, is not in the same sheet of love as you. There is never any chance, everything is an encounter. Fate is often writing that we ourselves dreamed of, deeply conscious until its complete realization.

This writing of love that we decide to implement must respond to our dream of love. When everything finally sets in motion then the connection with love, the emotional connection with one's partner becomes a powerful and fulfilling life story for everyone.

The love connection cannot be explained.

She feels and she also feels because it would be too easy to talk about a love connection in the simple fact of meeting physically, living together, and considering that it only exists when everything is going well.

This bond of love is a strong, transforming, and uplifting encounter that may also have diverted us from our path to find a balance that resembles us.

This emotional alliance is also a strange door that we dare to push when we thought that this expected relationship, hoped for was perhaps only a dream see a total imagination of the mind.

And so when we are there in front of this openness to life, in the deep sense of communion with the other and well we feel stunned, we are a little lost and the emotions flow freely.

We ask ourselves questions about commitment, we invite ourselves into the troubles of life: are we ready to live this love?

The love connection is a commitment of love, it is a yes to life together, it is a journey hand in hand without saying that everything will be easy. The love connection is the unknown, the questions and answers that make us more present to ourselves and to the other.

The love connection is a stroke of fate, it is the discovery of soul mates, it is the birth of twin flames. It is an emotional connection in all its power. We let the expression of emotions take their place.

We seek the stability of emotions in contact with love.

We pass, we go beyond together and we can then say that the connection of love is a cure for oneself and for the other.

It is not a question of endorsing everything in a couple. Everyone must find their place.

The love connection is not exclusive to fusion. It is fusion and fission.

The bond of love is not the answer to the evils of the other. We must in no way play the empath in force in our relationship of love.

But we can feel, understand and become responsible together for how we are feeling at the same time. This is the love connection.

The love connection is part of a responsible and reasonable empathy that will come to touch you very deeply to open everything you had never dared to open on your own.

Being alone is never easy, but living together can make you dizzy. We go out of our comfort zone, we dare an unknown sincerity of love.

The connection of love is resilience to life, it is a passage from the wounded heart to the healed heart. We caress each other, we blow love in different ways in the torment of life.

There are I love you when we fall in love, there are fleeting I love you, and then there is these love you images in the love connection. Those who talk about you, those who come to disturb you at night and make you cry during the day in silence. Those I love you that connects you to your partner.