The dilemma presented by the Squeal of Fortune update on April 2nd 2012 can be observed, with particular attention paid to OSRS Gold the option to buy additional spins. If one puts in enough real-world money, one could actually receive enough spins to achieve the level 99 of a ability.

Jagex's continued silence has frustrated members and led many to cancel memberships. We sincerely hope to see some form of explanation from Jagex in the coming weeks, and an honest attempt to bring the outrage of players to heart and soul in reevaluating this update.

We all wish Jagex well and RuneScape a happy future, the Sal's Community has been asking themselves: Can we support Jagex in their recent decision to implement microtransactions that just a few years ago would have deemed un-ethical. The answer is "No". While it can be costly to purchase enough spins to improve a skill level to 99, there are possibilities for a Jagex-sponsored RWT celebration.

Sal's Realm of RuneScape was brought forth by the love of a game by one man. Since then, it's grown to include people from all kinds of backgrounds. We are proud to have an Platinum fansite rating. This demonstrates our commitment to this game, to Jagex's strict standards and Buy Old School RS Gold the community of players. Jagex must reconsider their decision because we love this sport. We also need to remind them that the game is all about the spirit.