Canon is offering you, top wireless printer models. Canon MG300 is a high-speed printer that is compatible with various devices like Windows PC, Mac, Android, as well as Amazon Fire devices.

Un-boxing MG3000 Canon Printer

1- Take the box into a flat surface and open the top sealed tape with a knife carefully

2- Take out the ink cartridges (It should have 545-Black and 545-Color ink cartridges)

3- Check for power cable, USB, user manual, and installation CD.

4- Now take out the printer and place it in a flat, dry and clean space

5- Remove all the covering and red tape from the printer and other outlet areas

6- Connect the power cable into the printer and connect the printer to the power supply

7- Now press the power button until the power button glooms up

8- Canon MG3000 doesn’t have an LCD so you have to make all your preferences with the help of drivers

9- Push the input tray

10- Open the cartridge door and insert the ink cartridges one by one carefully

11- Now put the paper on your input tray so that your printer can print a calibration page that confirms that your ink cartridges are fitted well

How to download Canon Com IJSetup MG3000 drivers?

You have to download Canon MG3000 Setup according to your Operating System. If you are using this printer with a Windows device then you have to download MP drivers. But if you have a Mac device then you will require a CUPS driver.

Pixma MG 3000 installation for Windows

1- Insert the CD-ROM in your CD-drive and wait until you see some content will appear on your desktop

2- Double-click on .exe file

3- The driver will start installing in your device

4- A prompt will appear on the screen asking for the connection type

5- Pick the type of connection you want

6- If you don’t have a CD-drive or your CD gets lost then you can also download the driver from the internet and install it easily.

Driver installation for Mac

1- Latest Mac devices have inbuilt software that means you don’t have to download or install the driver

2- If you don’t have the inbuilt driver then you need to download dmg file for Mac

3- Download the dmg file from the internet

4- Run the setup and follow the onscreen commands

5- A prompt will appear on the screen asking for connection type

6- Select the type of installation

7- Choose CUPS driver for your Mac device

Canon MG3000 Series Wireless Setup

Insert the CD you get with the printer in your CD-drive

1- Wait until you get set up on your screen

2- Hit the next button

3- Follow the on-screen commands

4- Connection type selection screen will appear on your screen

5- Click on a wireless connection

6- Make sure your printer is turned on

7- Hit the next button

8- Tap the Connect to the network button

9- A new window will appear

10- Hit the wireless setup button

11- Press and hold your printer’s Wi-Fi button until the orange light flashes twice

12- Release the button when the light flashes twice

13- Hit the next button

14- Choose your region

15- Hit the next button

16- Select the list of files you need to install

17- Hit the Okay button

18- End-user license page will appear on the screen

19- Read the license page carefully and then hit the agree and install button

20- Enter your SSID and password for completing the wireless setup process

21- Canon MG3000 Wi-Fi Setup

22- You can also take a printout with the help of Wi-Fi. Canon MG3000 connect to Wi-Fi and then you can take printouts from various devices without connecting them with any cable.

23- Before setting up, make sure that your router has a WPS button in it

24- Your internet connection should contain WPA or WPA2 security

25- Connect your printer to a power source

26- Press printer’s Wi-Fi button

27- Press and hold the button until it flashes one time

28- Make sure blue light near the Wi-Fi button is flashing

29- Press the router’s WPS button quickly

30- The Wi-Fi light will blink while searching the access point

31- The light will stop blinking which ensures that Canon MG3000 Setup Wi-Fi has been established properly.

Detailed Procedure for the Download of a Printer Driver by Launching ij.start.cannon

For the setup of ij.start.cannon, you need to download the software by following the steps that are mentioned below: 

1- The first and foremost step is to visit the official website of Canon, i.e., This is a safe website for easy downloading of the Canon Printer Drivers. For doing this, open the web browser of your device. In its address bar write down ij.start.cannon rightly, and press the Enter key, after which you will automatically be redirected to the homepage of Canon. 

2- Here, you have to click on the Setup tab that will open the Product Name window on your device’s screen. You have to define your printer’s model number in the search tab because Canon will suggest the number of distinguished software for your individual printer model. Now, hit on the Go button, and the product download window will appear on your screen.

3- You must need to pick between various OS versions to verify that the driver you are going to download is fully compatible with your operating system. Therefore, visit the OS domain that is placed at the upper-right corner, and pick relevant OS versions. At the center of the screen, you will find the Download button click on it for a fast and expeditious download. 

4- The driver will be downloaded only in a few minutes following your Wifi speed. Also, it is advised not to roll over from one screen to another as it may produce issues in software downloading. When processing of download completes, move ahead to the following step for ij start canon setup.

How to Install the Printer Driver

If you don’t know how to install the printer driver for the setup, then follow the procedure that is given below: 

1- Go to the file location where you have downloaded the canon driver setup and double-click on the start.cannon, and then run to extract the file wherever you want.

2- The main interface of the Canon driver setup will show on your device’s screen. Before moving further, select your preferred language to operate the software for running the printer. Therefore, click on the Language tab, where you can pick your preferred language from the options available on your display, and then click Next.

3- Now, you require a connection set up between your printer and your device. For that, you only have to select your printer when the printer is successfully linked (you can go with both a wireless connection or USB connection method). It will present you with a list of drivers and other additional software based on your printer model. 

4- Allow the wanted checkbox of the software bundle. Additionally, you should have enough space to download the printer driver. If you don’t have sufficient space on your computer, uninstall some undesired applications from your device. Now, click on the Next button and proceed to Canon setup. 

5- The License agreement window will open on your screen. You should read and understand every announcement given in the essential document to avoid future problems. To give your approval to the license contract, you must choose the Yes option. It will instantly begin the installation of your decided drivers and further software. 

6- Later, driver setup is finished, you can examine your printer’s functionality by publishing a page. The printer plate must contain a few A4-sized pages. Then, click on the execute button, and your printer will print a page immediately. It finishes the driver setup.