Chase was the fifth overall wide receiver However, Chase was ranked in Mut 22 Coins the sixth spot behind Jaylen Waddle (the sixth selection) at the time of the draft.

Chase is rated at 75, which ranks the fifth spot in the rookie class. Waddle scores 76, which is third. While it might seem like a minor difference but it's hard to see why the first receiver in the lineup would not be the most highly-rated.

Chase was just as breathtaking as Burrow in the year 2019 by rushing for 1,780 yards as well as 20 touchdowns. Waddle was extremely, very good , too, but it was clear that the majority of people believed that Chase was the more promising prospect.

Regardless, Chase has a chance starting from the beginning to improve his standings over Waddle's when the season starts.There are four main types of activities that are side: Mental Focus, Physical Recovery and Team Bonding. These activities are not scheduled in advance. 

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