I've always been an avid follower of Korean beauty philosophies. And while the famous 12-step skincare routine implies otherwise, it's more than just a product (which is also pretty awesome). As a Korean-American myself, and raised by a mother with "glass skin," I grew up believing that these skincare techniques were the standard that everyone used. It wasn't until the K-beauty wave actually hit the western world that I realized just how innovative they really are. You're probably already familiar with things like BB creams, sheet masks, and sleeping masks - all of which originate from Korea - but here are some additional, very easy ways to aegi eongdongi (translation: baby's butt) skin.

1. Jams

Jamus literally means to submerge in water in Korean. That's actually what this technique entails. Adored by Korean beauty fanatics, it involves coating your perfectly made up face with powder and then submerging it briefly (15 to 30 seconds) in a bowl filled with cold water. This isn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but it works just as well as baking by fixing your makeup and leaving your skin matte. You don't have to soak your face after a skincare routine to implement the practice. Cold water helps to seal the product, close pores and achieve a naturally rosy glow.

2. Slap your product on

My six-year-old self thought it was really weird when I watched my mom do this every night, but now I follow the same technique when it comes to skin care. Instead of rubbing the products in, lightly tapping the skin on your face not only prevents the products from bleeding (allowing you to get the most out of them), but it also improves blood flow and product penetration. Similar to micro-needling and dermaplaning, slapping your face is also said to help stimulate collagen over time. However, instead of starting to beat yourself up every time you do a skincare routine, think of it as an aggressive tap. The process of slapping should not be painful or uncomfortable. At best, it will look like a slight flush.

3. Facial massage exercises

Lymphatic drainage massage is becoming more and more popular in spas all over the United States, but Korean women have been practicing this technique at home for years. Here are some not so interesting facts As we age, not only does our skin begin to wrinkle, but the muscles that support our face weaken and begin to sag, potentially making us look older. There are a variety of rollers and high-tech equipment that people use, but you can also make a difference with just your hands (think of it like Pilates for your face!). (Think of it like Pilates for your face!). Work in upward and outward movements, lifting and sculpting. Starting at the base of the neck on the side with the arteries, continue to knead the skin in gentle circles, upward and outward toward the chin. Face and around the eyes.

Another well-known technique to combat sagging mouth: say A, E, I, O, and U out loud with an exaggerated vowel expression and focus on stretching your lips as wide as possible. When you say A, spread your mouth as far to the left and right as possible. When you say U, push your lips out as far as they can go. This can be repeated as many times as you can remember (but may not be published as it looks pretty ridiculous).

4. Air dry + 10 second rule

After washing your face, let it air dry instead of rubbing or patting it with a towel. Not only is friction bad for your skin, but a surprisingly large amount of bacteria and chemicals live in the fibers of your freshly washed face. Following the 10-second rule (not food), you should apply your skin care products within 10 seconds of washing while your face is still damp. This sweet spot is when the pores are most receptive and can absorb the product best.

5. Facial Lifting Massager

After apply oil or moisturizer, massage your face with facial massager, Stimulating the face muscles with regular massage helps to bring oxygen to that area—which is a natural form of anti aging skin care in itself. “More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion,” says Baba. L&L Skin MIO2 Face Lifting tool and MAMI hot&cold beauty device can help you with this, the MIO2 features an ergonomical design of three angles and three arcs. Using the three-round corners to press the acupuncture point, you can choose to apply either light or heavy pressure. The three convex arcs fit any curves and the three-dimensional lift perfects the anti-aging effect. The round triangular three-arc design allows for comfort, and each part can be used uniquely to care for either the face or neck.

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6. Double cleansing

Cleansing seems pretty simple, but the truth is that your cleanser alone may not be enough to get rid of all the crap sitting on your face, especially if you are wearing a lot of makeup. You'll see if you notice foundation on the toner pad you use to wipe your face later. To really cleanse your face, practice double cleansing. To do this, use an oil-based cleanser (such as a cleansing balm) to remove makeup, followed by a standard water-based cleanser to deep cleanse the skin.

7. Half bath

Korean hot springs often have what is called a "banshin-yeo," which is a warm bath with just enough water to reach the navel while the upper half of the body is completely dry. The temperature difference between the upper and lower halves is said to promote circulation, and the steam from the water moisturizes the pores. This treatment is not commonly found in American spas, but it can be easily replicated at home by drawing your own shallow bath with steam.