It is a fact that when you update fixtures like faucets or taps of your bathroom or kitchen, you actually change the overall look of the place. Of late, branded faucets are available in the marketplace in various finishing that it often becomes a challenging task to choose which finishing.  Every person has different criteria while choosing Moen bathroom faucets. Some give preference to style while others to budget. If you fall in the former category, you can choose either brushed or chrome nickel faucets. Both are the metal finishing faucets which are trendy as well as classy.

Deciding which finishing to choose is often a personal choice. But understand the basic differences between the two before making your final decision.

  1. Tints: Tinting of the metal is one of the major differences between these two metals. The nickel plating gives a whitish or natural yellow appearance whereas the chrome one gives a slight blue shine. To say briefly, nickel provides a warmer look to any space whereas the other one offers more sophisticated and cool look.
  2. Variety: As compared to chrome finishing, brushed nickel Moen bathroom faucets are available in a variety of ranges. Though you will find a huge variety in chrome fixtures as well, all with same level of blue tint.
  3. Selection: The main advantages of both kinds of finishing are they are non-corrosive and durable. So, the final choice depends upon kind of environment you want to create in a bathroom. With chrome faucets, it is possible to add a touch of sophistication whereas nickel gives traditional looks to bathrooms.
  4. Maintenance: Chrome has shiny finishing; therefore water spots and fingerprints are easily visible. Therefore, it demands regular cleaning. On the other hand, brushed nickel has matte finishing; hence marks and fingerprints are easy to hide.

So, keep these factors in the mind while choosing Moen bathroom faucets in any finishing. The good thing is faucets in both the finishing, chrome and brushed nickel, come with different styles such as single-handle, two-handle and touchless one. Simply, decide your budget and choose a reputed online store to make your purchase.