Pale complexions can be challenging when it comes to finding the right makeup as the colors can either be too intense and harsh or look too light and washed out. Fortunately, here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to your makeup application so that you can embrace your pale skin and achieve a natural and lovely glow.  

When it comes to makeup, the best part is that your makeup routine is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet your skin needs. Right from the type of makeup that you wear to the shades, and textures you can choose something that pairs well with your skin tone and type. For women with pale and light skin, choosing the right makeup and following certain tips can help you enhance your complexion and get the desired look.  

Here's what you need to do. 

  1.  Prep with SPFKeep in mind that even those people with pale skin or any skin tone really should always prep with SPF. Fair skin is more prone to burning when exposed to the sun’s harsh rays and will not only damage your skin but can cause rashes, irritation, and even affect your makeup routine.
  2. Look for sheer coverage: When it comes to makeup for fair skin, heavy formulas can look cakey and clumpy on your skin so if you’re looking for a daily makeup fix then invest in a contour palette with sheer coverage foundation and apply concealer to certain areas. This offers you medium coverage that easily blends into your skin for a seamless look. 
  3. Less is more: With eyeshadow, it is not the shade you use but how you apply it. As a general rule it’s best to stick to tan, bronze, and brown shades for daily wear and if you want to add color then start by adding a little and blending it as fair skin can easily catch and enhance even a little color. 
  4. Embrace brown shades: While you might be tempted to reach for black mascara or eyeliner, instead look for brown, bronze eyeliner, or even grey shades that offer a beautiful neutral look that’s soft for your pale skin. 
  5. Choose your blush wisely: Before choosing blush, look for the best color corrector palette that features a lot of peach and pink hues in a range of pigmentations. Look for the lightest shade and then slowly build up without adding too much. 
  6.  Have fun with nudes: With pale skin, it’s always a good idea to stick to nude lipstick and while reds look stunning from time to time, nothing beats pinks, browns, and earthy tones that offer a subtle look and feel for daily wear.  
  7.  Keep it cool: When looking for face makeup products pick a Forever 52 color corrector palette with a bronzer and highlighter in cooler undertones. Using a warmer undertone can make your makeup appear orange which won’t give you the desired look that you want.  
  8.  Blend in your bronzer well: Since small flaws and streaks can appear clearly on paler skin tones, always spend a little extra time making sure that your forever 52 contour palette is blended in well and that the brush that you are using is completely dry for a seamless blending. Dust the bronzer on your jawline and the sides of your neck to ensure that it’s even all around. 
  9. Select the right palette: Selecting the right blush shade for pale skin can be tricky however you need to choose a shade that’s not too dark and that pairs well with your skin’s undertone.  
  10. Use cream shadow to illuminate your eyes: On pale skin, most eyeshadows will easily stand out and if you’re going for a bold look this is great. However, if you want a daily minimal and neutral look, opt for cream eyeshadow that blends in easily and allows you to control exactly how much color you are using. 

Final Thoughts  

Makeup looks for pale skin can be tricky but not impossible especially if you follow the above points and opts for a palette that highlights your undertones and looks stunning. Look for a palette that has blush, bronzer, and highlighter along with eyeshadows that won’t make you look washed out. The ideal palette should be effortless to apply, have a buttery smooth texture, vegan, cruelty-free, smudge-free, and last long without feeling cakey.  

Daily Life Forever52 palette features a multidimensional range of shades that deliver an effortless and natural-looking radiant feel along with blending in seamlessly and offering a complete coverage that lasts for up to 14 hours on end.