Back pain has become the most common issue, especially for people who are above the age of fifty years and more. Usually, the pain does not stay for longer and goes away after a few days but if it is staying for longer periods of time and bothers you a lot, don’t ignore it. Usually, people ignore it and hope that it will be better without any relevant treatment procedures. According to experts, people should pay attention to it in time before it turns into a health hazard, consult a back pain doctor NJ immediately for adequate pain management New Jersey


There are various options to operate such types of back pain. First, a back pain doctor in New Jersey recommends pain relievers, ointments, massage therapy, and so on. But if you have back pain due to spinal injury or an accident that is causing lots of difficulties and pain, a back pain specialist NJ may ask you to undergo back surgery NJ as it is the only option left to deal with your issue. 


Moreover, if you experience these symptoms including:


  • The unexpected loss of bladder or bowel command.
  • Sharp lower back pain.
  • Critical weakness or numbness of the lower body.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Spinal tumor

However, back surgery in New Jersey is never a primary concern, specialists try to consider other treatments before choosing it as an optimal option. Back surgery is recommended only when damage to your spinal column is life-threatening.


Spine surgery is a kind of medical treatment, recommended by a back pain specialist in New Jersey to treat severe and chronic pain conditions. This option is chosen when other treatment options don’t offer satisfactory results.  There are main five types of back surgery may include:


  1. Discectomy:


The surgery mainly aims at the herniated disc in the vertebrae. The disc is extracted by this surgical method so that patients get relieved of the pains on the nerves.



  1. Foraminotomy:


This surgical method is used to eliminate tissues that are compressing the nerves in the back. If the state of the back is more than a herniated disc, doctors prefer this option. Moreover, this method helps eliminate a bone part that constricted the nerves in the spinal column.


  1. Laminectomy:


This process is utilized to cure back pains, caused by spondylolisthesis and stenosis. It can be used to extract bones that are affected in the spine. This option is also used with spinal fusion.


  1. Spine Fusion:


This surgical method is performed by a back pain specialist in New Jersey to stop movement between adjacent vertebrae. Often, this is utilized in curing uncertain spine conditions, called spondylolisthesis.


  1. Spinal Disc replacement:


However, this method is rarely recommended. It acts as a new surgical treatment for back pain. There are certain types of backache for which this method is selected to be operated on. Additionally, it is associated with spinal fusion surgery.

Before opting for any surgical methods, you should discuss them with the best orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey to know all about them.

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