It is the time of the year again that every cricket fan awaits anxiously throughout the year. Yes, you guessed right, it's the IPL season. IPL, also known as the Indian Premier League, is one of the most celebrated T20 cricket leagues where legendary players from across the globe participate and compete to earn the IPL trophy. Also, it is the most exciting cricket format, and people never want to miss any update of their favorite team and players. 

This growing popularity of IPL has led to the institution of many sports news cricket websites that provides people with the latest highlights of IPL along with real-time updates and much more exciting news. However, the institution of several websites has left people perplexed as to which website to rely on to get the best IPL updates. 

Hence to help you overcome this bewilderment, we have listed below the top five websites to get the best IPL news and prediction. 

1. SportsCafe

SportsCafe is a prominent name in sports, well-known for offering exceptional sports news in India. The professional team at this online portal encompasses some of the most proficient sports journalists and editors incorporating the most forward-looking advancements in sports.

Apart from presenting real-time sports news based on IPL live online, this website gives exceptional predictions and offers various IPL betting tips. This online platform gets assistance from a competent tech team that proffers more high-grade visual media and an easy-to-use interface for smooth website navigation. 

2. is another transcendent website for receiving IPL 2021 news, latest highlights, match predictions, and many more. The expert team at this play conducts a deep research before offering any information to its clients to ensure that it remains credible. This website got recently launched in January 2021, and still, many people are unaware of this name. 

3. DreamTeamCric

If you are looking for a website to get real-time cricket updates, best match predictions, live IPL scores, and many more, DreamTeamCric can be your pick too. It is a kind of website that many cricket fans rely on to get the best cricket updates. Also, apart from cricket, this website provides updates for various sports, which makes them the most favored name. 

4. Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is India's leading sports news website that is a firm name in the entire industry. This online platform gained immense prominence in presenting exceptional real-time IPL news, match predictions, live scores, and many more. Also, people can readily gain updates regarding their favorite players and watch all the inside drama during the IPL match. 

5. ExpertFreeTips

Last but not least on this list is ExpertFreeTips. It is yet another prominent sports website where people get real-time IPL updates, including match predictions, free betting tips, cricket news, and many more. Also, this website has recently launched its mobile app where people can quickly receive all the IPL updates on the go. 

IPLs in India is no more a sport, it has become a festival now, and its craze has grown immensely over the years. Now that you are aware of the top 5 websites for the IPL 2021 news and match predictions. While all the teams listed above are exceptional in presenting real-time updates, if you want the best and latest news updates, SportsCafe can be your go-to place. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite website and get the latest updates now.