One of the fastest growing markets in recent years has been the sale of infoproducts, such as online courses and ebooks. And if you made it this far, it is because you may be interested in selling digital products.

It does not matter if it is earning extra income, changing careers or having more time for personal life. Many people are beginning to see all the possibilities that exist in the digital market and have dedicated themselves to creating their own digital products.

The problem is that, after creating a product, the digital entrepreneur faces many challenges, such as:

  • Where to host the online course safely?
  • How to distribute digital products more easily?
  • How to process orders and ensure that the consumer receives only after payment confirmation?
  • How to deliver the product? Manually? What if someone buys during the night, on holidays or weekends?
  • How to promote the digital product and increase its distribution?

In fact, there are many obstacles that need to be faced by those who want a space in this market. The good news is that it has now become much easier to solve these problems and start selling digital products!

Want to know how? So keep reading this post and find out!


What Sendinblue is and how it works

The sendinblue is a sales platform and distribution of digital products solve all the doubts mentioned above. Check out the review of sendinblue here

Storage, order processing, buyer access control and delivery of digital products are just some of the advantages offered by Hotmart.

In addition, the Producer can count on a system so that the sales of its products are leveraged through its own Affiliate Program .

With the Affiliate Program, the Producer allows other people to sell the digital product to him in exchange for commissions. This means the possibility of generating hundreds of new distribution channels for the product.

And the possibilities don't stop there!

With the Hotmart Club , the Hotmart member area, the Producer can increase their sales by generating leads with free modules, providing a sample of their course, creating offer coupons and selling extra content in just one click. Everything is fast and uncomplicated for both those who sell and those who buy!

For more security for buyers when making their purchases and the autonomy and reach of our Producers and Affiliates, we have developed Hotpay , which is established as one of the biggest innovations of our platform. With it, all transactions are managed within Hotmart.

All of this is available to Producers without the need for any investment. The Hotmart account is free!

Instead of paying membership or monthly fees, Hotmart receives a small commission when each sale is made.

(To learn more about Hotmart, read our post that explains how Hotmart works .)

How to sell digital products with Hotmart?

Now that you have understood what digital products are and learned a little more about Hotmart, it's time to learn the step by step to sell digital products using our platform.

Check it out below:

  1. Go to and click on Register.


  1. Fill in the registration information by completing the fields with your name, email and a password to access the platform.


  1. Upon entering the platform, you will notice that there are two options:
  • Create your product
  • Affiliate with a product


It is at this stage that you will decide whether you will be a Producer or an Affiliate.

We will explain, from now on, the two options separately.


Alexandre Abramo, New Business Coordinator at Hotmart, made a complete video tutorial teaching how you can make your sales, which you can follow below:


In addition to the video, we have also prepared a tutorial with images so that you can return to this post whenever you have any questions about how to sell digital products using our platform.

  1. Select the option Visit Market or Market (in the left corner of the screen) to see all the courses available on the Hotmart platform.


Among the courses that accept membership, there are 2 types:

  • 1-click affiliation : anyone can join and start selling;
  • Approval membership : you need to apply for membership to the Producer, who may or may not accept your order.

In addition to taking into account the types of affiliation, you need to choose the niche market you want to work with.

  1. Choose products to sell with subjects that you have mastered. Thus, you will be able to create complete content and promotional materials on the subjects and materials of interest to buyers of that digital product.
  2. After that, choose a product that is worth joining. For this, it will be necessary to analyze 5 factors:
  • Temperature: indicates how a product is being received on the market;
  • Blueprint: represents the quality of the information registered by the product creator, such as promotional materials for you to use and the sales page for that product;
  • Satisfaction: evaluation of the product according to who already bought it;
  • Commission value per sale: think about the time and money you intend to invest to promote this product, to know if the commission can guarantee you a good financial return;
  • Commissioning method: it indicates whether the commissioner will be the Affiliate who referred the customer most recently or the Affiliate who took the customer to the seller's website for the first time. Remember to always promote your digital product using your Hotlink , a unique link that Hotmart generates in order to track sales.

Deciding what type of commissioning you want to work with depends a lot on your style of advertising. One tip is to affiliate with products with both types and analyze which way of commissioning you work best. See more about commission assignment rules here.

  1. After doing all these reviews, it's time to choose a digital product for you to sell.

To start, we suggest that you choose at least 3 courses related to the niche you want to work with.

  1. After that, click on the course and then Promote Course if the course is 1-click Membership or Request Membership if it is moderated. In that case, you will have to wait for the response from the Producer.


  1. After choosing the digital product to sell, you will need to advertise it.

For this, you can use several communication channels, such as:

Choosing which of these channels you will use depends a lot on the strategy you want to adopt as an Affiliate.

>> It is important to remember that there are some prohibited practices in the Affiliate market, which can lead to account blocking. Check out our complete manual here .

To better understand these strategies and the types of Affiliates you can be, download our free ebook that brings you all the tips you need to become a successful Affiliate.



If you have a skill and want to share it with more people, you can register a digital product, such as an online course or e-book, to be sold at Hotmart.

For this:

  1. Access your Hotmart account at the link: .

From the side menu, choose Products and then click Register Product .

On the new screen, determine what you want to sell by choosing one of the available formats:

  • Online courses, Members Area, Subscription Services
  • E-books, Documents
  • Tickets for events
  • Screencasts, Movies, Clips
  • Audios, Music, Ringtones
  • Software, Programs to download
  • Images, Icons, Photos
  • Serial Numbers, Discount Coupons
  • Mobile Applications
  • Templates, Source Codes



  1. On the next screen, fill in your product information as detailed below:
  1. Write the name of your product, a description for your buyers with at least 200 characters and select a cover photo in JPG, PNG or GIF format and have a maximum size of 5 MB;
  2. Choose the language , market and category of your product. That done, click Continue


  1. Choose the currency in which your product will be sold
  2. Then, define the type of payment (cash without installments, installments with tariffs for your client, installments without tariffs for your client or subscription plans).

If you have chosen the default installment payment method, you will also need to choose how many times the amount can be paid in installments by the buyer

  1. Choose the refund period , which can be in 7, 15, 21 or 30 days and set the product price .
  2. If you want to participate in the UmPorCento project , a Hotmart initiative to donate part of your sales to a charity, check the box I want to collaborate with the UmPorCento Project and donate part of the sales value of this product to a charity, choose the institution and percentage to be donated (from one to ten)
  3. On the next screen, click on the box I declare to be aware of Hotmart's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and then Save.



After filling in the remaining information, click Submit for evaluation and wait until your product is approved.

If the product fails, you will receive an email informing you of the adjustments that must be made and then you can request the evaluation again.


  1. Create a sales page to promote your product and include your Hotlink to sell your digital product.
  2. Promote your product on the communication channels that your potential customer uses.


Discover the new Hotmart sales page

An attractive sales page with well-distributed product information can be crucial in the purchase decision.

With that in mind, our specialists have developed a new product page, more modern and focused on conversion. Check out more about this news:

  • Information such as name, image, bio and link to social networks;
  • Integrated checkout to improve the shopping experience;
  • Optimized for search engines;
  • And much more.

Click here to discover everything that the new Hotmart product page can do for your business!

Start selling digital products at Hotmart

With Hotmart, you have two ways to sell digital products: either as a Producer or as an Affiliate.

Affiliates are those people who work promoting other people's digital products and receiving a commission for each sale made.

Producers are specialists in a given subject, who are willing to distribute this knowledge and do so with online content that adds value to those who purchase this knowledge.

Regardless of what you choose, know that to be successful creating and selling digital products, you need to follow some basic steps, pay attention to various details and dedicate yourself to achieve your goals.

It is important to remember that there are some prohibited practices in the Affiliate market, such as the spreading of SPAM, the sale of unreachable promises and the misuse of tools. These practices can even lead to the blocking of the Hotmart account. If you want to know more about the subject, check out our manual of good practices for Producers and Affiliates .

If you believe that a user is in violation of our Terms of Use, you can report it. Hotmart has a whistleblowing channel created exclusively for this purpose. It allows you to report cases of abuse simply and quickly and even anonymously, if you wish. Just fill out this form and a specialized team will analyze the complaint.

And if you liked this information and want more tips on how to create and sell digital products, check out the 30 Days Challenge , our free learning space that teaches you step by step to build your digital business in just 1 month.

Are you interested? Then click on the image below and accept the challenge!

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