This isn't a debate. Just post your thoughts between the two OSRS Items. Oldschool was 01-07 and the newschool started 08-Now. Discuss adapting to the new format (if you're returning after a three-year break). Discuss the differences in loot as new items were added. The overall ease of things. And overall fun.

Pking is something I still enjoy. It's definitely a different way of pking. I used to wear just a coif (looking like a total novice) Snare runes, tele block runes and Msb 200 rune arrows, range pot and rest sharks and totally dominate. That was the day wildy returned with a decently pure attire and I was amused.

After some time, you become used to it, and I started to recognize when I should take my food. It's much more difficult now that there are less novices and more people are aware about wild animals and other things. I remember before I was able to eat at around 20hp. This is because people would eat at me with constant 15s and 10s but I wasn't capable of tackling them. Today they take my down with claws.

Pking is always enjoyable. I have the funds to pay for the more than 100k I'm losing each time I die. Never once did I think "this new runescape sucks". It's common for things to change. Learn to adjust Buy RS 2007 Fire Cape. I still use the old-fashioned ways of pking. I can handle 60 attack, 89 range and 70 str just.