Global Egg and Egg Products Market: Overview

Egg products are obtained from different components and blends of eggs and can be readily consumed by humans. Egg products available in the market are typically partly complemented by additives or some other food products. The global egg and egg products market is likely to witness significant expansion over the coming years, with emerging countries offering a fertile ground for growth owing to the high production of eggs as well as high per capita consumption. On the basis of product, the market can be divided into ready-cooked egg meals, pasteurized liquid white, liquid egg, hardboiled egg, pasteurized liquid yolk, and dehydrated egg.

The research report covers the historic and current scenario to estimate the future trends of the global eggs and egg products market. It takes into account the statistics and dynamics related to the market at both global and regional level. It also provides a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape of the market. It profiles the key players in the market along with their market shares, latest developments, business strategies, and contact information.

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Global Egg and Egg Products Market: Drivers and Restraints

Until a few years ago, the global egg and egg products market was experiencing moderate growth. However, the advent of new technologies and tools has assured safety and quality of eggs, which has provided a significant momentum to the market. Additionally, improved measures for egg safety have prompted companies to invest in poultry farming and venture into markets associated with egg-based products.

Thanks to the growing popularity of egg-based products, a wide variety of egg products are now available in the market. Thus, the large-scale availability of various egg products can be largely accredited for the growth of the egg and egg products market. These products are available in different forms including solid, concentrated, crystallized, frozen, liquid, and deep-frozen. Furthermore, the rapidly growing global population, expanding base of middle-class population in emerging countries, and the rising disposable income are contributing to the growth of the market.

However, the development of the market is threatened by the increasing population of vegan worldwide. Moreover, the rising occurrence of bird flu or avian influenza is hampering the growth prospects of the market. Nevertheless, these factors are expected to have a low impact on the growth of the market.

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Global Egg and Egg Products Market: Geographical Segmentation

The key segments analyzed in the report on the basis of geography are Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Countries such as the U.S., France, Mexico, China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil are the major producers of eggs, producing around 70% of the total production across the world. Of these, China alone contributes 36% of the production. Moreover, China accounts for close to 40% of the total consumption of eggs across the globe. As Asia Pacific is home to countries such as China, India, and Indonesia, the region is expected to be a key destination for players in the global egg and egg products market.

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Global Egg and Egg Products Market: Competitive Landscape

The global egg and egg products market is a highly competitive marketplace. The advent of new technologies for processing egg products has rendered the market highly lucrative. Key companies in the market are primarily focusing towards product innovation, geographical expansion, and new product launches to maintain their prominence in the global arena. Some of the major participants in the global egg and egg products market are Ningbo Jiangbei Dexi Foods Co. Ltd., Tyson Foods Inc., Barry Farms, Keggfarms Pvt. Ltd., Michael Foods Inc., Hy-Line International, Noble Foods Ltd, Pilgrim's Pride Corporation, Tree Of Life Inc., and Venkys India.

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