Terra towels are probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "beach towels". Their soft and fuzzy texture saying on the sand are a basic sight on the beach.


But what if we propose the idea of using Turkish towels instead? Before heading towards that you might want to know what exactly are Turkish towels are why these thin sheets like material booming in the market.


The Turkish towels are also called Pestemal towels and date back to the 18th century. They are made up of 100%

Turkish Cotton that are known for its fine mesh weave and the long strands of fibers.


The towels owe their patterns and weaving to Ottoman rug weaving and are extremely durable, and has miraculous abilities when it comes to being water absorbent.


Now, here's why these are the ideal beach towels,



Comfort and Aesthetics:


These towels are extremely gentle against your skin. They provide you with the utmost comfort and are even remedial for those who have sensitive skin. 

Even though they appear to be fragile and just suited for luxury they are actually very durable and fairly easy to clean. So, you don't have to worry about getting the sand out of these towels. These towels don't even have nooks and crannies for sand to get stuck, so a couple of shakes is all it will take to get rid of the sand.


On top of that, them being thin and light, don't make them a hazard to carry around once water touches their surface.



It takes quite some searching to find towels as delicate and beautiful as Turkish towels - with an enormous variety of patterns, colors and so on. They can easily be a matching fit for any occasion, be it indoor or outdoor. Some of them even have braided tassels at the end for a dainty flair.


They look beautiful when laid on the beach and adds a flavor of sophistication to your aesthetics. Carrying them along and using them would definitely reduce the intensity of bacterial rashes, in case you have sensitive skin.




Feels luxurious on your skin:


A day at the beach even after being lapped with layers of sunscreen, brings forth unwanted tan lines and even rashes sometimes.


You would always want to go to your bathroom, get a nice shower and cleanse your body off the bits and pieces of sand. You can bring a pair of towels to your trip for this purpose. Their surprising water absorbency will your skin feel comfortable after your shower is done.


Other than just being delicately crafted towels they can also be used as Luxury Cotton Face Washers. The material is gentle against your skin and understands provides the delicate touch your face needs after being exposed to the sun for so long, and that's exactly it.




These colorful towels can also be found in neutral and monochrome shades of ivory and beige. The thinness of these towels makes it easy to packing and can berolled up and placed in your luggage or tote bags