Looking for the best art history thesis help topic? Art history is also known as historiography, which deals with the historical study of visual arts. The study focuses on identifying, classifying and describing the art products and historical development of painting, sculpture, architecture, the decorative arts etc., through interpretation, understanding and evaluation. 


You can focus the topic of your thesis on different artist's biographical details like Van Gogh's Starry Night or Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Ceiling. You can use other factors as patronage and social context to place the work within a social framework. Whatever you choose, you have to balance the background research with analysis to tie the two factors.

  • The characteristics.
  • The thesis analysis is done in two parts: i) the description of the visual features of the work. ii) Analysis of their effects. 
  • Analyze various concepts like format, scale, composition, viewpoint, line, colour, light, texture, the treatment of human figures and space etc. 
  • The average length is 70-100 pages. 


Now learn the steps to how to write an art history case study thesis.


  1. Topic

Select a topic that is appealing and can grab the attention of your professor instantly. For ideas, look through the art history books, historical movements, the artists' bios, image galleries etc. 

  1. Research

Religiously research your topic. It can range from theoretical studies to critical histories. Try to synthesize the analysis with creative thinking to address the research topic. 

  1. Introduction

In the introduction, present the thesis statement. It should provide a framework of your analysis and suggest the interpretation of the work. Frame your thesis in such a way that let readers understand what they can expect from the paper.  

For example, if you deal with artwork, put the artists' names, the work's title, and the date in the first paragraph. chemistry assignment help To work on an artist's/architect's biography, begin with a summary. 

  1. Body

Here, you need to provide a clear, articulate interpretation of the object. Back up the argument with a detailed analysis of the visual evidence. To write the body:

  • Ask questions like how each artwork element contributes to the overall meaning.
  • How are they interlinked?
  • State your argument in direct and specific references.
  1. Conclusion

Restate the thesis, your findings about assignment help 4 me in summary to conclude the paper. Don't forget to cite and proofread. 

Here’s a list of the ten best art history thesis topics. 

  1. The influence of science on ancient Greece sculptures.
  2. Impact of Hinduism in early Indian art.
  3. Effect of Biblical elements in Leonardo De Vinci's paintings.
  4. Relationship between the humanistic ideas and Renaissance art.
  5. Representation of gothic architecture in Medieval art.
  6. Depiction of Victorian beauty standards in the artwork.
  7. Surrealism in Salvador Dali's sculptures.
  8. Industrial revolution's effect on art development.
  9. Famous composers of Neoclassicism sculpture.
  10. Is primitivism real art?

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