If you are overweight or have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, the cost of not participating in a medical weight loss program may far outweigh the costs of making the mental & financial commitment to engage in a medical weight loss program. In these economic hard times, not everybody has extra money sitting around to be spent on health programs viewed as "extra." Some people scratch and save to pay for their portion of the health care costs that are true emergencies. 


So who can blame someone struggling with their weight who decides to forgo a truly helpful medically supervised weight loss program? A closer look reveals that weight loss usually results in financial savings. To begin with, most medically supervised weight loss programs start with a meal replacement program that takes away all of the choices in foods and replaces the normal things you would buy to eat with specific powdered shakes and supplement bars. While the shakes and bars are not cheap, they are considerably cheaper than all of the foods, drinks, desserts we buy during the day.


Next, you throw in the cost savings from living at a healthier reduced weight, and you start to see big savings. For instance, healthier weight people tend to spend less money on drugs and medicines, starting with simple Tylenol or ibuprofen for headaches and joint pains, all the way up to blood pressure medicines and insulin shots.


It should also be considered that most health care savings account programs, as well as some health insurance plans, will reimburse a significant portion of the costs of medically supervised weight loss. Finally, and perhaps among the biggest and most overlooked expenses saved is the amount of money you are currently spending with other less helpful weight loss efforts. These useless or less effective diet aids include over-the-counter medications, fad diets, glossy magazines, and more. Visit www.coastmed.com for more information.


Maintaining weight loss requires a multidisciplinary approach that includes portion control, medical supervision, exercise, nutrition, medications, and lifestyle changes. At Coastal Medical Weight Loss, our medical weight loss solutions are designed to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. By following the advice and supervision of our coastal medical weight loss professionals, you could achieve your weight loss goal & transition to a healthier lifestyle. For further information, contact Coastal Medical Center at (760) 230-1556/ (858) 277-6751.