Divorce can be a daunting mental & physical experience, not only for the spouse but also for the children involved. Such children will experience significant changes & learn to survive without all their parents staying in the same place. This problem during divorce can be one of the most complicated aspects of the process and can be very painful as you have to determine how the day, holidays, and weekends are to be split.


Parents desire to act & make decisions in their children's best interests, and in many circumstances, parents feel joint custody is the most logical and practical option. A legal ruling providing all parties custody of the kid or kids, thus giving the youngsters two custodial parents, is known as joint custody.


Joint Custody Arrangements - There are two types of joint custody in many circumstances. There is shared physical custody as well as joint legal custody. Each situation is different, and you should discuss the following instances with a seasoned Child Custody Attorney:


  • Actual joint custody gives both spouses shared legal and physical custody, splitting time 50-50


  • Joint legal custody provides both spouses with shared responsibility in significant decisions involving the welfare of their children.


  • Joint physical custody, in which both spouses share responsibilities of raising the children, including housing and time together.


Actually, there is no exact formula for deciding custody, and every situation is unique. It is compelling to discuss your case with your Child Custody Attorney and always put the children's well-being first.


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