Size Matters

The actual length and breadth of a tent is very crucial. You do not want to stuff you and your family or friends into a tent like sardine in a fish can. Tents are advertised as 2 man, 4 man, 6 man and so on. Work with a minimum of 30 square feet for each person. So for example, a 4 man tent would do just great for 2 adults or 2 adults and 2 small kids.


Consider space for your clothing and other accessories. Try to make your tent habitable, by providing ample room to walk around. Tefal Kontaktgrill Optigrill XL GC724D Do not mistake this for having an extremely large tent. It might prove to be a daunting task to find level ground that you can set your tent. Secondly, tents are heavy and could knock the stuffing out of you, when it comes to loading it into your vehicle or setting up.



Seams are to be bolstered with nylon tape. If nylon tape is sewed into every seam, it makes that seam sturdy and able to withstand the elements of Mother Nature. Ensure all seams in the tent; especially the floor and fly are waterproof. The tent you settle for must also come with a free bottle nylon tape sealer to preserve your tent.


Get the hang of your tent by setting it up before you go camping and apply the sealer for good measure. Let it dry before you unpack. Make it a ritual or habit to always apply the sealer every year.


Be Cheap First

Naturally, high-priced tents are made with better or stronger fabrics and would stand tough against winds and rain. They are also durable and would last longer than the average tent. But all this only makes sense if you choose to camp during harsh weather periods or far away from home.


If you are a first-timer and taking the family out for a refreshing adventure, go with the cheap tent first. Avoid the complications of getting anything too fancy. To play it safe, go camping when the weather is friendly and stay close to civilization. Do not let the Discovery Channel get to you, by telling you to pitch a tent far from home to connect with the wild.


Gain experience with a cheap tent. Decide if you want to do this often or not. No point splashing a large gob of cash of a tent, you only get to use once. If you enjoy your camping experience, you can then upgrade and get something better.