Christmas Day attracted all sorts of new Madden 21 Ultimate Team Zero Chill cards including Ghosts of Mut 21 coins Madden Past.

While Christmas Day attracted Madden 21 Ultimate Team lovers lots of cheer in the form of presents and brand new player cards, there is still more on the way. On Saturday, December 26, fans can anticipate a number of new items including the hottest Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends content. It will consist of former Madden ’07 cover superstar Shaun Alexander, providing players another great halfback option.

On Christmas Day, MUT gamers were able to open up in-game presents for various player cards such as Ghosts of Madden. There were challenges to rack up Snow and buy more items. Later in the day, EA's Madden Ultimate Team Twitter fell a big reveal, with a new 97 OVR Shaun Alexander card.

Later in the day, the next Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends participant arrived in a Twitter reveal. It's none other than former New York Giants defensive star Michael Strahan, who is presently famous for his TV hosting. The brand new Strahan Legends card includes 97 Power Moves, 96 Tackling, 96 Block Shedding, 94 Power, and 89 Speed attributes to provide those MUT defenses a critical boost.

These players' new Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends items fall in MUT on December 26, generally around 10 to 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Together with the above cards, there'll be lower-rated things for both players and Ability Up cards. Gamers can build a set of buy Madden nfl 21 coins player's five lower-rated items to get a Boss MUT Legends card. Additionally, their cards are available to buy in the Madden Auction House.