6 Sales Pipeline Metrics Every Business Should Track


Measuring your company’s pipeline metrics will help you track how well your teams perform. Which metrics can organizations rely on to track business success? Your business’ sales pipeline metrics shows every stage of the customer acquisition process – from when your customers are leads to when they become your repeat clients or require after-sales support. If you want your business to become successful, you must monitor your sales pipeline. And to do that, you’ll need to track several sales pipeline metrics.


Businesses examine and review their sales pipeline metrics to learn what is and isn’t working in the sales process. So, if you’re researching information on how to start a business, you should also get to know the sales pipeline processes. So, here are the six sales pipeline metrics your business should track for more efficient sales and marketing campaigns. CAC illustrates the cost of gaining a new customer to purchase a product or service.


Measuring your company’s pipeline metrics will help you track how well your teams perform. The results will, then, help you understand which marketing and sales strategies can be tweaked and optimized so that your sales pipeline stays as healthy as possible. Identifying the right sales pipeline metrics to measure and track will also help you notice successful tactics. You’ll learn which strategies in your digital marketing bring you the most leads and make your customers choose you over your direct competitors. 


Number Of Qualified Leads - The first metric every business should track is the Number of Qualified Leads. Anyone who has interacted with your business is considered a lead. However, a qualified lead is someone who could become your potential customer based on the criteria your business has set to define ideal customers. Moreover, a qualified lead has the intent to buy.


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