Nowadays, there are different kinds of vein treatments are available. And it mostly depends on the nature of your situation, and there are some types of treatment which are more efficient and active than others. Below is a lead which will help you in selecting the right type of vein treatment for your condition. 

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These are the veins which are very tiny expanded blood vessels that can be located anywhere on the body. Because they are close to the surface of the skin, they are visible. As the spider veins can be uncomfortable and awkward, therefore many people used to take treatment. 


vein specialist in Houston states that if your spider veins are not too long, serious, or comprehensive then you can enhance your condition by using conservative treatments like losing weight, raising your legs, using special socks, and avoid standing for a long duration. 

However, there are situations where spider veins are cured with the sclerotherapy method. 

Sclerotherapy is the process in which the doctor will insert the medication into your skin that will lead to the collapse of the spider veins.  According to the situation of your veins, it is performed with or without ultrasound direction. 


The spider vein treatment Houston is the best city to undergo vein treatment and provides full-fledged duties and responsibilities towards their patients’ care and safety.



The varicose vein is a vein that is placed near the surface of the skin that has become swollen and distorted. The varicose vein is clearly visible, and they are painful too. And in spider veins, people used to go for the treatment to wipe out the discomfort and embarrassment.


Conservative treatments, such as specific socks, walking, and weight loss, may be effective in few cases of varicose veins treatments in Houston. However, this situation often needs more intrusive treatments. Options for treating varicose veins include:

  • Non-thermal vein ablation
  • Endovenous laser therapy
  • Ambulatory microphlebectomy

Both ambulatory microphlebectomy is a negligibly intrusive operational treatment choice. Ambulatory microphlebectomy includes the surgical elimination of ugly varicose veins, while endovenous laser therapy implies the use of a laser to redirect blood out of abnormal veins.



For patients who want to cure their varicose veins without an operational method, then the non-thermal vein ablation may be the perfect option for them. During this process, the surgeon uses ultrasound supervision to feed a catheter into indistinct veins. He or she then uses the catheter to inject medication into the vein that leads them to collapse.


If you are suffering from spider veins and/or varicose veins, an experienced vascular physician can help you to select the vein treatment near me Houston

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