We take rescue monkeys for sale and care for them for the rest of their lives, up to a limit. We play with each monkey daily in huge cages with lots of toys.

We want you to call us if your monkey needs a home, even if you feel guilty or humiliated. We understand that sometimes life's stresses prevent us from giving them the care they deserve, so we won't criticize you. We want to do the best rescue monkey for sale for the animal.

Monkeys bond with their owners and don't adapt well to new owners, so don't give them away. They are sensitive and social, thus moving makes them aggressive or sick, and many die.


A rescue monkey for sale needs a facility with resources, experience, and other monkeys to acclimate, which can take a year. We keep animals forever with our monkeys. We can contact other persons who own these facilities, have considerable experience, and will re-home and keep the monkey forever if we are full.


Rescue monkeys For Sale 2022 swing around Central and South American tropical forests in brown, black, or grey. Rarely, Rescue monkeys for sale will ghost through the trees. Researchers in Colombia found a rescue monkey for sale in 2022. Since then, Andres Link, a primatologist at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, and colleagues have been monitoring them and filming them on branches. Leucistic siblings have light-colored fur. Link said their peculiar pigmentation may indicate inbreeding in this isolated community. That portends ill for them. Inbred populations are more susceptible to climatic and habitat changes than genetically diversified groupings. Link and colleagues await genetic tests. However, the siblings appear to live everyday lives. “They thrive and interact similarly. Colorless is good. White animals are lucky in several cultures. These five leucistic or albino creatures are mysterious. Albino Monkeys for Sale 2022 Rehoming Policy


Rescue monkey for sale buyers is responsible for all animal care expenditures, including housing, feeding, and medical care. If you feel the animal is not right for your home, you must return it to Dragonstone Ranch on your own. The buyer cannot sell, give, or rehome the animal without our written consent. This approach ensures our exotic animals get decent homes and proper care. Noncompliance can lead to legal action. Hoofstock is exempt. Can capuchin monkeys be pets?


After viewing them on TV or in zoos, most of us know what rescue monkeys for sale are and how they act. They're wild animals, yet sometimes they're cute. Most of us have considered adopting a monkey and wondered, "How much does a monkey cost?"

Before buying or adopting a rescue monkey for sale, consider who will care for it in your absence and how you will provide a secure and happy environment. Consider what to feed the monkey. Primates are too much for a house. Most of the information and prices are below to help you decide.

Can I buy a monkey once?

How much does a pet monkey cost? Depending on age, rarity, and temperament, apes can cost $4,000 to $8,000 or more. A rescue monkey for sale costs $5,000 to $7,000. Start-up costs for food, habitat and other necessities are roughly $10,000.


Adopting a primate rarely involves freebies. Free monkeys are either harmful or a scam. Avoid free primates since buying a baboon will be worth the money and safe for you and the ape.


Conservation initiatives and zoos sell chimpanzees for less than breeders. Chimpanzees and other primates may not behave well in homes, so house owners have limited options.


How to save monkeys for selling baboons from breeders. Most individuals do this, although limited private breeders charge a lot. These breeders sell apes to zoos and groups, not people.

Monkey supplies and costs

Care supplies and fees:



Vet Care-$200+


Toys $50

Does monthly monkey cost?

Your monthly baby expenses may vary. Food, habitat cleaning, and toys are the only costs. The primate type determines the amount. Baboon ownership is costly monthly. Apes live long lives, so be prepared to spend a lot of money.


Health care costs $500+. However, many veterinarians refuse to take primates as patients because you will have to take them to an expert who will charge a lot, but you won't have to go every month and the health care and monkey cost will depend on the type of rescue monkey for sale you have.


Fruits, protein, and veggies are suitable for small ones. About $100. Bigger ones eat 40 pounds of food, costing hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Bathe a tiny ape with mild soap because grooming is cheap. Grooming won't be a problem because bigger apes groom themselves better.

Pharmacists and vets

The first vet appointment costs Rs. 200, and the meds are pricey. Medication and vet visits might cost hundreds or thousands. Depending on where you reside, ape-specialist vets are hard to find.

Extra Costs

You may have to pay someone to care for the monkey when you're away. These are difficult to manage in a home and risky to adopt because they are untamable.

Budget monkey ownership

You need a budget to cover all baby costs and determine if you can afford one. Due to high costs, it is not advised. Feeding and entertaining the ape will cost a lot. That's expensive.


To sum up, caring for and rescue monkey for sale is difficult and expensive, but if you think you can do it, I've provided you enough information on the monkey's cost, including grooming, food, monthly expenses, and vet appointments or prescriptions. Avoid remorse or inability to care for a chimpanzee by planning.