Cenforce 150Mg has been the sildenafil in its active ingredient. This is considered the ideal treatment for impotence and dysfunction. Cenforce is a well-known brand of male sexual dysfunction treatment pills. This pill is available at various price ranges.

Some side effects associated with Cenforce Dosages are sexual weakness, fatigue, dry mouth, and increased heart rate. It is very important to take these tablets properly in order to get desired results. If the dosage is not properly administered it can create serious side effects. To avoid such dangerous outcomes, you should consult your doctor before taking the tablets. You should never take large doses of this medicine without your doctor's prescription.

There are certain medications, which can make the penis hard and result in erectile problems. One of such drugs is Levitra. This drug cannot be taken by men with blood circulation problems, as its effect is really severe. So Levitra should be taken only by those who have normal blood circulation. Cenforce 100mg has an alternative solution to treat ED in males which does not produce any side effects.

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