When you get up in the morning, the first thing you want is the cup of coffee. Well, it might be good if you switch from roasted beans to boiled, grass fed bone broth. You can take bone broth at nay time of the day.  It is energy boosting, immunity enhancer, savoury and delicious. You can remove any preconcieved notion about canned soups out of your head, because bone broth is a great substitute to that.  

What is Bone broth?

Grass fed bone broth is  a tasty and meaty  that is made by using animal bones and aromatics  stirred with water. The rich flavour gets added while boiling the bones along with hearbs and vegies . It also complement the protein and collagen infused broth. It fits well for soups, stews , sauces and gravy. The gello like texture gets seperated due to the amouont of gelatin present in bone. This makes the bone broth unique from other stocks and broth. It is difficult to find a broth that is nutrient- rich and delicious as healthy soups hardly have nore flavours.    


Bone marrow: Bone broth can be cooked using whichever home delivered meat you like. It is first roated in oven to bring out meaty flavours.

Vegetables: The carrots, onion, garlic, fernnel are also added to enhance the flavpur of grass fed bone broth. 

Herbs and seasoning: You can utilize fresh or dried herbs that are your favourite. They can be bay leaves, ginger, thyme, rosemary and turmeric.  

What does it contain?

Electrolytes: Sodium, potassium and magnesium are present in a savoury grass fed bone broth. Electrolytes help you speed recover from illness or after workout. Havingbone broth is a great substitue to your energy drink after getting back from a run.

Colalgen: Collagen is formed from the amino acid that increase your bone density. It helps make your bone strong and dense. It also improve the skin quality and reduces blood pressure.   

Gelatin: It is important for building and maintaining body tissues. It also provides energy and keep all your body organs in a functioning state.   

Calcium: It is very crucial for the survival of humans. It is the building block of your body. The bone density and growth depends on calcium. It also plays an important role in working of cardiovascular system. It keeps the heart muscle strong and pumping.

What are its health benefits?

There are many nutrirnst present in this savoury dish. There are many considerable health benefits of consuming health benefits. You might be surprised what beef bone broth or any other bone broth can do for your today. Let's have a look

Enhance immune system

Your ability to fight disease gets incresed with regular intake of bone broth. The nutrients in it keeps your body strong and protected from the harmful pathogens that can ruin your gut health. 

Maintain gut health

The existence of natural gelatin in bine broth increse your body's ability to absorb and transport food and water. It wil maintain th eintestines health which untlimately leads to a healthy body and lower the chances of having irritable bowel symptoms and crohn's disease.  

Better brain function

The fatty acids present in bone broth helps increase the mental acuity. It helps sharpen brain and musclke memory. Your brain gets a boost becuse of less stress and improved quickness.

Improve joint health

The ample amount of collagen, gelatin, proline and glycine confuntion to support your joints. The presence of these proteins helps buld connective tissue and cartilage that can lower the effects of osteaoarthritis and general joint pain. 

Reduce inflammation

Arginine is an amino acid that presents in bone broth. It is helpful in reducing inflammation. The inflammation is linked with various medical conditions sucha s heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. 

Conventionally, people have bone broth on its own or with hearbs with a pinch of sea salt, swirl of spices and herbs for flavor. It is a great alterantive for protien rich appetizer. It is rich in protien with exellent aroma and flavor. The broth is basically gives base to soups, stews and sauces. 

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