Restoring the world can be an overwhelming and daunting job. It's impossible to predict the future and what might happen. Pest Control in Old School RuneScape is a different strategy. You know where the threat comes from, the horrors this threat brings and the best way to prepare for it all. Do you really need it? Well, then you will discover this OSRS Pest Control guide exceptionally useful.

 Everything You Need to Know about OSRS Pest Control

 Pest Control Basics

 OSRS Pest Control Guide for those who are new to the field.

 Pest Control Reward

 OSRS Pest Control: frequently asked questions

 Pest Control Basics

 Pest Control is an action-based minigame that is available within OSRS. This minigame demands players to guard the planet from "pests", deceptively called monsters. Guthix Gielinor's god of balance, needs you to aid with the task of being a Void Knight in the Void Knights Order.

 The Void Knight is targeted by alien creatures that come out of portals. To stop these creatures from spreading throughout Gielinor and dispersing balance, you need to safeguard the Void Knight or in case you're angry, shut down the portals by destroying them.

 Those successful in their mission can approach the Void Knight after the assault has ended and exchange their Pest Control commendation points for various rewards, such as skill experience, supply packs and, perhaps most important, the Void Knight's equipment.

 Pest Control Requirements

 OSRS Pest Control minigame can be split into three distinct categories, each having each having its own boat. You can access the first boat at level 40 Combat. The second from Level 70 Combat. The third one is available from level 100 combat.

 You'll receive more points of commendation for winning if you reach a higher combat level.

 Pest Control is not a minigame that is available in OSRS. You'll need at minimum four players aboard a boat with you. The lobby is limited to 25 players. The official Pest Control world has 344 so make sure to go there if you're in need of a company.

 Due to the tiny number of players that are able to share a boat waiting time in the world 344 can be quite long. Players of high level may attempt to organize teams in "private" Pest Control Worlds. they play an Pest Control minigame in a different world than the official Pest Control one.

 You will be required to meet the minimum conditions to be able to trade with them. The amount they trade the number of the world they'll be saving.

 How To Get To Pest Control

 There are many methods to contact Pest Control. Choose the most convenient for you.

 The good old-fashioned public transport. You can find the NPC known as Squire in Port Sarim. Contact the Squire you want and they'll take you on an oar headed for Pest Control.

 Second, you can use your free minigame teleport. Within the quest tab, you will find the minigame section. You'll find Pest Control and Teleport. Teleport's cooldown period is 20 minutes.

 Thirdly, you can get Pest Control teleport from Treasure Trails. If you do not have one in your possession, but desperately need to control some pests, buy one from the Grand Exchange. It will cost you some OSRS GP, however it will surely be worth it.

 Once you are at the Void Knight's Outpost, climb aboard the boat you want to. East is the easiest to navigate, however the middle and hardest are the most difficult.

 OSRS Pest Control Guide for those who are new to the field.

 Pest Control can be accomplished in two ways:

 Keep the Void Knight alive at all costs for 20 minutes

 Take down all four portals.

 Protecting the Void Knight

 If you choose to go with the first option, it will mean focusing on protecting the Void Knight and killing monsters. There's nothing more we can add apart from the fact this method is used in extremely rare cases in the majority of cases when the team is either extremely weak or small, or both.

 Pest Control Portals

 The second approach is typically what we use and our recommended method. While focusing on portals doesn't mean that you should ignore the Void Knight. There will be a few players required to keep him safe and also assist in repairing and checking the gates.

 It isn't as easy as it may seem at first glance and is actually the most important priority. The attack on Spinners when they appear is the only thing that could be replaced.

 They are those floating jellyfish devices that can repair damaged portals. While a single Spinner can be ignored by a strong party, two or even more Spinners will heal the portal to the point of invincibility.

 Portals come with a number of sequences where they fall. If the armor of the portal breaks the player can only concentrate on it if it's on the opposite side of the map. Portals can be attacked by players but they will continue to produce monsters.

 Expert Tip: Portals need to be destroyed by the most powerful players, as they represent the top priority.

 Others should also be on the lookout for monsters so they don't kill the Void Knight, and defend other players to ensure they don't become overwhelmed.

 The Void Knight will regenerate 50 hitpoints by destroying an entrance. Don't worry when he's punched at least once, but don't let him get too exuberant.

 Reparing Walls and Gates

 The property can be repaired by those with weak combat score or who are not particularly combative in minigames.

 Bring some wood, a hammer, and an Axe if you think you'll require more logs. You can apply your Woodcutting ability to work if the logs you brought don't provide enough. It is also possible to cut down trees that are not respawnable to make up the shortage.

 Pest Control Reward

 Besides fun gameplay in itself, Pest Control also offers different rewards to players who have enough commendation points. Points are awarded for commendation after each victory:

 3 points for the novice level

 4 points for intermediate

 5 points for veteran difficulty

 Be aware of the amount of time it takes to be successful in your chosen difficulty - it's often worth trying the lower difficulty to see if you will score more points over the specified time.

 OSRS Pest Control Resource Packages

 The packs are available in three kinds of packs: Herb pack, Seed pack, and Mineral pack. The first one costs 30 points, while the two other packs cost 15 points each. You must have at least 25 points in Herblore, Farming or Mining to qualify.

 It's the least rewarding option and it should be considered in the event that you do not plan to spend your points on something in the near future, or if you're an Ironman.

 RuneScape Experience

 Commendation points can be exchanged for experience points. You can play the minigame and not hit an enemy while earning points towards XP. This can make it appealing for those who are looking to establish specific accounts.

 When you trade more money in , you will receive a higher XP bonus. The maximum bonus is 1 percent at 10, and 10% for 100 points. It is necessary to be 25 years old to learn this ability.

 Void Knight Armor

 The majority of players participate in Pest Control to earn this reward only. Void Knight Armor may not be the most effective in-game however it has some unique attributes that make it ideal for account builds. It has minimal stat requirements to equip and comes with a huge accuracy boost for its tier.

 Furthermore, it can be upgraded after the completion of Western Provinces hard tasks. Individual OSRS items are adequate on their own, but the set as a whole offers an additional benefit. This set is universal because it includes three helmets for each Melee and Ranged.

 Frequently Asked Questions About OSRS Pest Control

 Check out these answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Pest Control minigame prior to you start your Pest Control mission.

 How many Commendation points could you earn in an hour?

 Firstof all, the commendation points earned will depend on the level you chose. Second, it also depends on your performance. Third, there are other aspects, like wait time. If everything is perfect then this is the number of Pest Control points you can earn per hour.

 Novice - 90

 Intermediate 120

 Veteran - 150

 How do you AFK pest control?

 It's impossible to do so. You'll see your activity bar go red, and you'll be unable to earn points. If your level of combat is low, perform some work on your construction and help out in this manner.

 How Do I Know How Long Pest Control Take?

 The minigame can be completed in under 2 minutes by more experienced players. It is possible to complete the minigame in 20 minutes, as this is the time you have to maintain your Void Knight alive to win.

 Pest Control is a safe minigame. This means that, upon death, you will not lose items and Hardcore ironmen will remain as Hardcore as it gets.

 Different attack styles can make portals more vulnerable. West Portal is vulnerable to Ranged, East to Magic, Southeast to Slash, Southwest to Crush.

 Pest Control is an exclusive member-only activity. Are you without an obligation to purchase a bond? We can help you by providing affordable OSRS gold.

 This wraps up the Pest Control OSRS Guide for Beginners. Keep in mind that practice can improve your skills and if remain focused on your goals, you will get your Void Knight Armor in no time!

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