Technology over the past decades has provided us with endless money and labor-saving benefits that we can't deny. This doesn't hold true when it comes to French to English transcription services, as there are many drawbacks of trusting software over manual transcription.

Voice Recognition

One of the most significant disadvantages of using software is that you have to train the program to recognize the different voices. Such a program learns from its mistakes. Therefore, you've to do so much editing until the program improves to deliver the best results, which takes an eternity as a matter of truth. 

Accents Difficulty

The trouble of transcription software doesn’t stop at voice recognition and it goes way up to the difficulty in understanding the different accents. The software generally picks up the local language nuisances and has a lot of difficulty in differentiating the dialects and accents. For this reason, the speakers must talk in an enunciate and transparent manner so that the transcription software can try to efficiently transcribe. Whereas, when you hire professional French transcription services , you've nothing to worry about as they'll take care of everything giving you complete peace of mind. 

Vocabulary Limits

Most transcription software has a limited vocabulary. It can pick all the words used in everyday life, but not the scientific terms, slang, jargon, names, and even words used less commonly. The more the transcript becomes professional, not a general conversation, the software tends to make blunders that cannot be overlooked. Whereas, humans can surf the Internet or dictionary to find the meaning of the words to deliver accuracy. 


The background noise during the recording of the video/audio can hamper the voice recognition software's effectiveness. It is a lot complicated to get your audio transcript which was made in a loud office. On the other hand, no matter how noisy the background is, manually, the audio can be transcript with no troubles. 


In your pursuit of saving a few dollars extra, you can invite mishaps. As a matter of truth, transcribing audio to text is never perfect. At times, the software finds it complicated to catch up with the speaker, sloppy and inaccurate transcripts. Thus, we suggest you prefer professionals to take care of highly-sensitive documents, where there are zero scopes for error.



Computer Compatibility

As with any other computer program, you need to check whether the transcription software will work with your present operating system or not


In the end, from the above one can easily deduce that hiring professional online French transcription services is way more beneficial and reliable compared to the modern transcription software. Rest, the ball is in your court, if you have room for mistakes, then go with software transcription.