Who told you to try to be brave? In the end, you have to surrender. Long Lingxin was so proud that he felt very sweet in his heart. He smiled at the corners of his mouth and looked at Huo Sili. He stretched out his white arm like a lotus root and put it around Huo Sili's neck. He complained to him, "Then what are you still doing here?" After getting the hint of Longlingxin, Huo Sili was overjoyed, picked up Longlingxin, walked quickly to the big bed covered with exquisite Su embroidery, put down the gauze curtain, gently took off Longlingxin's clothes, kissed every inch of snow muscle on her body, in order to compensate for the feelings of missing her for half a month, and suddenly filled the room with spring, panting and moaning constantly. The cold air was gradually filled with a strong smell of lust. A battle of wits Half a month did not see, Huo Si glass enthusiasm like fire, need to ask for excessive, in bed to please and serve Long Lingxin. After two times of touching, Long Lingxin was already very delicate. She had a habit that it was very difficult to fall asleep immediately after she was extremely excited. So she lay flat on the bed, folded her hands in front of her chest, squinted her eyes, misty in her eyes, and stared at the ceiling in a dreamy way. Huo Sili reclined beside her, holding her delicate shoulder in one hand and stroking the sensitive skin of her waist in the other, and said in her ear, "Ling Xin, shall we do it again?" "Not good." Long Ling thought also did not think,Drive in racking system, very simply refused. Even if it is a delicacy, people can't eat too much at once. Long Lingxin always stresses moderation in doing things, and is no exception to lust. The only exception was that he left Huo Sili by his side regardless of the consequences. But Long Lingxin's lust has not faded now, so his voice is soft with a bit of hoarse, sounds very sexy, this refusal in Huo Sili sounds to meet and refuse, there is no convincing appearance. For Long Lingxin, Huo Sili has always been obedient, which dare to use strong,Industrial pallet rack, he also knows that Long Lingxin looks gentle and tranquil, in fact, the character is very stubborn, this kind of thing has no reason to say, it is useless to beg. As soon as Huo Sili thought about it, he had a plan and said, "Your Majesty has been on a tour in disguise or a talent show in disguise for half a month."? In just ten days, he brought back such a handsome man. What's the matter? Are you jealous? Long Lingxin sniggered in his heart. He thought for a moment and said, "Where do you want to go?"? Sima Yao was chased and killed on the way. He almost died and was saved by me. I think he is a talent, want to accept for their own use, even if the "draft", I am also for the country in the election, how? Do you have an opinion? Long Lingxin a face of provocation, is clearly saying, you dare to say that you have an opinion to try, do not believe that I do not let you touch a month. However, Huo Si Li is not a fool, Pallet rack upright ,warehouse rack manufacturer, he laughed: "Your Majesty knows people, there is no big mistake.". Think of glass just curious, that person in the end what outstanding place, let your majesty so green eyes add! "Well.." He is from Canghai Kingdom. He is very familiar with shipping. His character is forthright and his thinking is not pedantic. Oh, yes, his martial arts are very good. I think his martial arts are not necessarily weaker than yours. Long Lingxin did not expect that Huo Sili was a drunkard whose intention was not to drink, and he really thought a lot. Originally Huo Si Li was joking, with the knowledge that Long Lingxin really seriously said a lot of reasons, listen to Huo Si Li heart sour. Want to know Long Lingxin but will not casually praise others, she said so really hit Huo Sili's competitive heart, he immediately said: "Is it?"? That's great. I want to protect your majesty's safety. I know I have a great responsibility. I want to find a well-matched opponent to learn from and improve my martial arts. I think this adult is a very good candidate, if there is a chance in the future, Si Li must ask him for advice. Long Lingxin listens, the heart thinks not good. This is not a "taste", it has clearly risen to the "threat of force". In the future, Sima Yao and Huo Sili would have to be officials in the same court. Although Huo Sili would not do anything that would hinder the overall situation, it was hard to guarantee that he would not wear small shoes for Sima Yao on irrelevant matters, or go to him for "consultation". It would not be good for Sima Yao to think that the chief of internal affairs of Haoyue State bullied foreign officials and intentionally excluded him. If Long Lingxin put up the master's money and forbade Huo Sili to "learn from each other" with orders, Huo Sili would not dare not follow. But this practice seems to be too cruel, Long Lingxin is not willing to hurt Huo Sili's heart for a little jealous trifle between lovers. Think about it! Shit! Shit! Don't you just want to do it again? Their own spirit seems to have recovered almost, that is, the body feels a little tired, anyway, when the time comes to let Huo Si Li take the initiative, they can enjoy lying in bed, it is not a bad thing. Thinking of her, she hooked Huo Sili's neck and said, "If you want to learn from each other, you can learn from me. Sima Yao has just arrived. If you go to learn from each other with" good intentions ", people will think you are" finding fault ". Don't you want to *** me? Then come on! Why do you say those insignificant words? Long Lingxin actually agreed, Huo Si Li is really overjoyed, in fact, this stratagem is not brilliant, as long as the tone of Long Lingxin a little harder, Huo Si Li will immediately give up, obediently sleep. Even if Long Lingxin pretends to be confused, Huo Sili will not really involve his emotions in official business because of "jealousy", because he is Long Lingxin's confidant, every word and deed should be considered for Long Lingxin's reputation. But this "clumsy" circuitous tactics actually succeeded, Huo Si Li of course knew that the lover was considerate of himself, immediately filled with tenderness in his heart, hurriedly assured: "Your Majesty rest assured, without Your Majesty's permission, how dare Si Li.." He was afraid that Long Ling would regret it. Shut up Really give you a chance, you pour "methanol" up, like I paste upside down. Long Lingxin blocked Huo Sili's mouth with his mouth to prevent him from making a sound again, and then the next second he was pressed under Huo Sili and kissed him warmly. Huo Sili knew that Long Lingxin's body could not stand it, so this time his movements were extremely gentle, and he served Long Lingxin comfortably before slowly entering her body. At the beginning, the frequency of the rhythm was extremely slow. When Long Lingxin gradually became interested, he dared to sprint after his lust rose. Inevitably, Long Lingxin was involved in the next whirlpool of lust.. Rattan attack and defense Huo Si Li left in the early morning, when Long Lingxin was still sleeping in a daze. Before leaving,Pallet rack supplier, Huo Si Li pushed aside the hair in front of her smooth forehead, kissed her forehead lovingly, and then left. omracking.com