The diagnostics of the laptop is carried out by the wizard before starting the repair of the device. The procedure is necessary to identify the cause of the breakdown. Especially when the breakdown is not obvious. Fortis Service will inspect your laptop absolutely free of charge.
When you need MacBook diagnostics for malfunctions
Diagnostics of the gadget is needed if the computer:
•    Heats up a lot. Perhaps the computer needs to be cleaned from dust, or perhaps the problem is in the cooling system.
•    Doesn't turn on or freezes. There may be several reasons: damage to the monitor, failure of the processor, memory module, power problem,
•    Overloads or shuts down
•    Wi-Fi does not work,
•    Defective keyboard or touchpad,
•    The operating system slows down,
•    The sound is gone
•    The keyboard does not work.
The most important thing to keep in mind, as soon as the gadget has any of the listed problems, you need to immediately diagnose the hardware of the laptop. If the matrix is ??broken, the keyboard is flooded with water, the connector is broken, in such cases diagnostics will not be required, Macbook Doesn't Start in dubai  you need to start repairing.

Why full MacBook diagnostics are free
We understand that the client should pay for the service only for a positive result. If the cause of the breakdown is identified incorrectly, then we are not entitled to make money.
The successful result of the device repair will depend only on the exact establishment of the faulty operation. There are a number of cases when a laptop cannot be repaired - severe damage to the motherboard, missing parts.