Buffalo Bills fans might be amazed to find that neither Jordan Poyer or Micah Hyde are listed on this list Madden 22 coins. The likes of Mathieu, Baker, Bates, Simmons, and Smith are all worthy of places on the Top 10. The remaining five, however can be debated. The ratings of Hyde and Poyer remain unknown. EA hasn't yet released ratings for specific rookies or the top 10 players at specific positions.

If you contrast Hyde and Poyer with some of the Top 10 safeties, it's clear why they deserve to be rated higher. Poyer finished the year with 124 total tackles. He also recorded five passes held and forced fumbles. Hyde managed to finish with 70 combined tackles , and five passes defensed. The numbers are similar to those of Madden 22, Madden's top 10 safeties.

The best place to begin would be to begin with Devin McCourty. In 2020, McCourty finished with 68 combined tackles, six passes defended and two interceptions. McCourty's numbers are not that significantly higher than Poyer and Hyde's. Poyer in the very least, should be rated higher than McCourty. Hyde should be within three.

The next player being the subject of comparison is Eddie Jackson. Jackson was averaging 82 tackles in 2020 as well as three forced fumbles. In addition, he scored five passes protected. Hyde's numbers merit a higher score than Jackson's buy mut coins, and the argument could be made that Hyde should be the same rating or even one less than Jackson.