The Akashic records are the history of our souls, and anyone can learn to read them. While the level of information we receive will depend on our individual gifts, every person can receive information about themselves. Some people receive information in a more detailed form, while others experience the messages through color or music.

Book review of Jiayuh Chyan's Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records
Jiayuh Chyan writes Your Key to the Akashic Records and other books that make use of medicine energy work. These books give readers the opportunity to access their own spiritual knowledge and destiny. Jiayuh Chyan's writing style is both concise and clear, which draws the reader into the book. Each chapter builds on the previous one.

Jiayuh Chyan explains the concept and uses of the Akashic Records in a simple, straightforward style. The book contains plenty of real-life examples, which can inspire even the most hesitant reader.

Experience of Gracie Miller as an Akashic Records Consultant
Gracie Miller, a certified life purpose coach, specializes in helping people love their life. Through a structured process of self-exploration, she helps people identify their blocks and express their true self. She has been helping people find clarity and direction in their careers and personal lives since 2012. Whether you're ready for a career change or just want to make some changes to your life, she can help you find the answers you need to find your purpose in life.

Gracie Miller's sessions
Gracie Miller is a Certified Career and Life Purpose Coach who helps her clients find their passion and love their lives. She uses an authentic and structured process to unlock blocks and uncover your true akashic records readings. Her clients often seek clarity on a variety of topics, including their career, past lives, and abundance.

Ashley Wood's sessions
Ashley Wood is an international Akashic Records reader. She discovered her psychic gifts as a child, but did not fully embrace them until later in life. Today, she hosts sessions on Akashic and other non-physical records and aims to modernize this ancient practice. Since launching her own practice in 2018, she has helped empower hundreds of clients including elite athletes and celebrities.

Wood channeled her own energy into her readings, and she draws vivid images from her clients' past lives. She believes that in time, the Akashic records can become the most powerful spiritual tool available.

Lois Miller's sessions
Akashic Records readings are a powerful tool that can be used to clarify your questions. They are most useful when you seek guidance or clarity on a specific issue. The Akashic Records contain information about your past, present, and future lives. Although there is no physical evidence of Akashic Records on Earth, they are stored within a field of consciousness, or Zero Point Field.