Anyone who has been interested in the sport of ping pong quickly realizes that it is a very cerebral game famous for technique. To play well, you must have a high degree of focus and elegance, as well as the ability to compete well against a variety of playing styles. Almost all players consider a table tennis racket to be the most crucial piece of equipment. Many additional details & factors come into play, such as the amount of light above the gaming table. People who move to the advanced beginner & intermediate levels discover more about all of these topics. They add to the game's appeal.

Learning to score a game is a vital first step if you haven't already. Gone is the old 21-point game, replaced by an 11-point version that's used today. The serves now rotate two per player. The games move faster and reflect the quicker pace of play. If there's a table tennis center in your area, you can start playing there to practice and try your hand against more worthy opponents & watching others play who are better than you can be instructive as well. Others' moves and playing styles may inspire you, and they can inspire you to do better. You should also learn more about helpful training activities that isolate specific areas like footwork so you can concentrate more on developing. 

If you talk to table tennis coaches, they will tell you how crucial skill training drills that isolate certain components of play are. When you practice, you brush on them, but dissecting the game & concentrating on them is a different story. When faced with opponents who have prepared, you will be at a loss if you never train & simply practice. It all fits together later as you progress as a player. Some abilities may be learned later, but acquiring them as you build your game & playing style is generally more effective.