A lot of homes and structures are now equipped with sinks that provide running water. This is a major breakthrough that OSRS Gold was not possible in real life until years later. Although this may be a result of magic, it would still have a tremendous impact on society.

There are other examples to be found. One of the most prominent is the modernity and absurdity of machines such as the Elemental Workshop, which are powered by magic. But, their designs are completely out of synch with the rest of society.

Concrete, yet still tangible, and although not necessarily anachronistic are the numerous real-world names that are found in Gielinor. Although there is no reason to do so. If Gielinorian humans did come from Earth, a theory which I dislike myself but which seems possible, there might be remnants of "ancient" names, but they'd probably be greatly altered and not in common use.

Personally, I think the names we're given are anglicized according to The Lord of the Rings (see The Lord of the Rings Appendix 6) In the former book, the Numenorean name Kalimac was changed to Meriadoc. The name Meriadoc has the same feel to the ears of those who speak English as Kalimac's nickname "Kali". Gielinor characters are given common names in real life, to make them make them sound more familiar than the Gielinorian names they use.

What are your thoughts regarding anachronisms in Runescape technologically and name-wise. By the way: while I personally dislike anachronism and prefer an edgier setting, and equally dislike the usage of real-world names in fantasy worlds, this isn't a rant about these issues, but an attempt to Cheap Old School RuneScape Gold have a conversation about these issues.