What if the virtual world becomes a reality in corporate training? Actually, it has become a new reality of the new normal. Training through simulations and scenarios is now a regular part of the training program. So, what makes them unique and a popular choice for clients worldwide? It is the interactivity and higher engagement of learners.

Not just one, but plenty of benefits simulation based dialogue design training courses offer. Want to know them? Read on carefully this post and jot down all key merits of training simulation at corporates. Take a pen and paper and note down:

Why are training simulations useful?

1. Real-life situation is the best teacher

No swimmer learns swimming despite jumping in the swimming pool. What does it show? It shows that real-life experience is the best teacher to instruct learners. By practicing knowledge in real life, learners acquire knowledge in less time. Also, it develops their knowledge retention for a long. 


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