With a massive fan base Esports is a pretty good commercial proposition. "Our fans have a level of 2K MT PS4 enthusiasm that is the most amazing thing for brands to be able to attach themselves to" Donohue says. "Our average user plays video games for 30 hours per week. It's a very passionate fan base."

Donohue believes that the NBA 2K League's rapid expansion in partners is due to a combination if companies who recognize esports as an emerging market, as well as a dramatic increase in the amount of engagement from fans. It's my opinion that it's already happening, and the increased fan involvement only fuels the fire. 

It was the fact that each brand we spoke to about partnerships realized they needed to get involved in esports and are trying to figure this out.But, businesses must be aware of the dangers that come with entering a brand new business like the esports industry. The subject was once mentioned to by Andre Iguodala, a former Golden State Warrior who is now a prominent tech entrepreneurs and was previously referred to as "the Wild Wild West". 

For the NBA it was a risk that was worth taking. "It's inherent in the NBA's branding as well as 2K's branding to be innovative" Donohue explains, adding that the NBA owners "realise the future , and this will grow. Therefore, I think there is more risk in not doing it than actually doing it.

Some fear that esports could been a fringe concept engaging gamers who are hardcore, but with a limited commercial value beyond which, has been proven to Buy MT 2K22 PS4 be unfounded. Forbes published last year that esports revenues worldwide were projected to exceed $1.1bn in the year 2019.