A 1v1 game is a form of competitive multiplayer in which two people (or teams) compete against each other to win. It is a popular form of gaming, and can be played with a range of different rulesets.
When playing 1v1, the goal is to defeat your opponent by either out-playing them or out-micro-managing them. The 1v1 lol is usually played in a single-lane map, with the goal of accumulating as much gold as possible. The most common ruleset is a free-for-all, where each team has equal access to all lanes. Other common rulesets include 1v1 lol, where one team has access to one lane and the other team has access to another lane.
There are many different variations on 1v1, and some may be more suitable for certain playstyles than others. For example, 1v1 may be better suited for players who prefer to play passively and control the flow of the game, while 2v2 may be better suited for players who prefer to dominate the map through aggressive play.
Regardless of which variant you choose, you should always play with a mindset that you are trying to out-maneuver your opponent and win the game by out-micro-managing them.