What is systemic team coaching? Team coaching is a process in which a team coach enables a team to function as one by clarifying its vision, mission, and improving external and internal relationships and resources.  


Executive Team coaching enables organizations to drive the transformation of their team's performance and outcomes. Unlike team building workshops which are one-off events, group coaching allows teams to identify and address their challenges over a monthly period, leading to deeper learning, more effective results, long-term and continuously evolving.    Systemic team coaching takes place in hands-on meetings and field work sessions where the coach can work with the team on live and real-time interventions.  


Armed with this awareness, the team makes specific adjustments in real time to build on its strengths or improve on its weaknesses. These adjustments are driven to achieve results that are important to the team and the organization.  


Systemic team coaching approach begins with the organization's vision and strategy and how the team plans to get there. They sometimes review the team's purpose and mission and, if necessary, help the team develop a new team plan with goals in the strategic, financial, marketing, and operational service areas, customers, stakeholder management, and other business functions. The approach also depends on the team's stated needs, but having the team focus on some of its core functions is a good place to start.  


Second, focusing on team areas such as improving teamwork, team relations, team spirit, skills improvement, communicate or enhance employee involvement in the team.  


Metrics for systemic strategy in team coaching: 


 Some of the standard metrics would be as follows.  

  • A clear direction or purpose to guide the work of the group. 
  • Develop key leadership skills in teams 
  • Improve relationships and build trust/psychological safety 
  • Evaluate how coaching provides a vehicle for cultural change .
  • Measure team performance and time spent on "real/urgent" issues. 
  • Create sustainability approaches, such as coaching long-term colleagues.
  • Review progress, get everyone's feedback. 


Team Coach's Role: 

 Team Coach's primary goal is to facilitate team learning. Coaches use means that allow team members to acquire knowledge and practice different behaviours within the framework of the group and its adopted goals. Group coaching has a systems thinking perspective and is a long-term intervention. Team coaches collaborate with the team in their daily work, challenging existing ways of working, testing assumptions, and introducing new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities to improve their overall performance. The primary goal of team coaching has always been to improve team effectiveness.  


Team Coaching Process  

Professional team coaching process involves a certified team coach working with a small group of team leaders/members, typically at a team size of 6-15 members per team. The  certified coaches o have over two decades of industry experience and a decade of coaching experience. Systemic team coaching offers team members a variety of opportunities to go beyond their current capabilities. By aligning with the team, coaches can introduce new ideas and see opportunities to improve team performance in the context of their daily work challenges.  


Benefits of Team Coaching:    

 Personal benefits.  

  • Become more aware of yourself 
  • Get to know other team members in a psychologically safe environment 
  • Share insights in a psychologically safe environment 
  • Get more involved at work 
  • Be part of a winning team Benefits to the team. 
  • Establish team charter
  • Create an action plan 
  • Ensure team commitment 
  • Maintain accountability within the team 
  • Highlight individual strengths in the team
  • Effective conflict resolution results 
  • Collaboration towards a common goal 


Benefits to the organization. 

  • Less expensive than in-person coaching 
  • Experience effective teams achieving their goals 
  • Moving the business forward 
  • Increasing employee retention 
  • Achieving organization’s goals. 


Professional  Executive team coaching  in Mumbai works with groups as a systemic approach rather than a collection of individuals. This is an ongoing process to support change and performance over time rather than a one-off team building event. 

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This article throws light upon how as a systemic strategy, team coaching engages the team.