It's not necessary to go over the difficulties and tribulations of these last months or to reiterate the "complicated" or "unprecedented" times in which we live. This community is resilient, despite the fact that providers have been subject to unique pressures due to global changes.

Slixa took quick actions to make sure our advertisers could promote their online-only offerings. However, we wanted to ensure site viewers understood how to navigate this new world respectfully and generated the connections they sought.

Distance dating India

Escobook's new Distance Dating upgrade means that advertisers are now listed in a global grid when viewers tap the Distance/Virtual Dates button from any city page. These advertisers are Slixa's who have created online-only offers to keep distance and connected during COVID19.

These offerings are unique just like every advertiser. Viewers should check with providers whenever they have questions. The internet can help us forget that at the other end of our emails, chats, and requests is a human person; manners and respect go a long way.

Although there are many styles and parameters to virtual offerings, they tend to be divided into two distinct categories. Understanding these will help you get the best experience possible.

Camming India

Camming is the traditional webcam activity. It involves interacting with your audience live via video and hosting a show. Slixa LIVE offers traditional cam elements, as well as a variety of extra features.

Indian Private Video Chat

Video chats are one-to-one and allow viewers to connect directly with providers without having to share their information with a larger audience. You and they are the only ones involved. This is called cam-to-cam. It can make the excitement even greater if both of you are able see each other. Slixa LIVE features allow for one- or two-way video chat, with advertisers setting their rates and all other things being only limited by consent and imagination.

Texting/Sexting with dating girls

It's crucial to remember that sex is work. Texting has become so common that it's almost a daily habit. It's just as easy to communicate with providers by texting as calling them at work. Find women seeking men dating club in India & Join our dating friendship club

Advertisers have taken up online work and offer "packages" of paid text/SMS that charge viewers a daily or weekly tribute. This ensures everyone is happy. Slixa LIVE's SMS capabilities allow you to keep your personal number secure and make it easy to pay for your interactions with Slixa LIVE.

Phone Sex on Virtual mode

As with texting, which is a little less common among these children today, it's important that you understand that your sexy phone talk is also work time for providers. You may find a fixed rate for phone calls on their Distance Dating profiles. If not, it might be worth asking about them. This is especially important if you are already familiar with the activity. Slixa LIVE, like texting allows you to pay and then get to the chat using their credit system.

Premium Access of our dating service

This can come in many forms, including Premium Snapchat access and Private Telegram Groups. While you will need to follow each provider's instructions, you will be granted unrestricted access and videos of their best images, videos, or disappearing messages. It's similar to VIP access.

Subscribe to our dating club or Subscriptions

Because of this locked-in computer time, sites like OnlyFans or JustForFans are seeing record boom times. It's easy to support your favorite providers or escorts by paying a few dollars per month. Each site has its own rules regarding how and what users can subscribe to, but trust your provider and follow their lead while they deliver!

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