Before connecting the printer to the network, we need to confirm that the wireless router is available and adequately set up. Also, confirm your computer is connected to the network to successfully Connect Canon Printer TS3122 to WiFi


Canon Pixma TS3122 is simple to install using either a USB cable or wirelessly. First of all, we will need to connect the printer to the house network. Then we will be downloading the drivers, and with that, the printer will probably be ready.

Setup Through Wireless Link

  1. Turn on the printer. Its power ON LED will lit up. The LED light next to it will float once.
  2. Now press and hold the wireless button on your printer. The LED light next to it will blink once. Release the button.
  3. The LED light-up to the wireless button will become blue now.
  4. Go to your router, and press and hold the WPS push-button for at least two minutes.
  5. You'll notice that the printer indicator light will blink continuously in this procedure. That's because it's looking for available networks. The printer's power ON LED light also has to be uninstalled.
  6. Wait for both of the LEDs to stop blinking and stay lit. When This happens, that will mean that the printer has connected itself to a network.
  7. Your Canon Pixma TS3122 is now connected to a community, but you must run the print test to make sure it's connected to the right network.
  8. Load the paper with plain A4 sized paper.
  9. After loading the paper, ensure that your printer is on.
  10. Find the Resume button on your printer. Press and haul it. Release the button after that.
  11. The Printer will print a sheet with all the network information.
  12. You have to check the facts of the sheet. The SSID on it must display the title of your home network.
  13. As soon as you have confirmed the printed sheet's details, it would help if you started using your Canon Pixma TS3122 printer.

Setup Throughout USB

Canon Pixma TS3122 comes with a CD for installing its software. But if it's unavailable, you can download the software from the internet too.

  1. Visit the official site of Canon.
  2. Click on installation
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the application file onto your PC.
  4. Select your country/region.
  5. Eventually, you'll be redirected to the download link. Click on it and then wait for it to download on your apparatus.

Setup in Windows

Printer Driver Setup Window is available either via the application software in the Windows Start Menu.

  1. Connect your Printer with the apparatus with a USB cable.
  2. Please switch it on. The power ON LED lighting will lit up.
  3. Visit controls panel
  4. Select Devices and printers
  5. Click the option that says put in a printer.
  6. This will open a separate window with a listing of printers available for installation. Read the list to pick your Printer. It's possible to determine the correct printer through the interface it uses to connect to your PC.
  7. Choose the virtual port.
  8. Within the next window, Select Canon, followed by the model name, i.e., Pixma TS3122. Click next.
  9. You'll be asked when the printer is to be shared across devices or not. You can create the desired option and then click.
  10. Your printer is now connected to the windows apparatus.

Installation in MacOS

  1. Download the drivers with all the steps provided above.
  2. Run the downloaded document. It will start the Installer package.
  3. Join your printer through a USB cable. Make sure that it is turned on.
  4. When the Bundle is finished installing, go to system tastes.
  5. Visit Printing and Fax preferences.
  6. From the printing and facsimile window, you'll see a plus sign to add a printer on the display's left side. Click on it to add your printer.
  7. The next window that looks does a list of available printers out of that you have to choose Canon Pixma TS3122.
  8. Click to choose a printer or driver version.
  9. Click Select Printer Software and Select Your Printer from the provided list.
  10. Click OK after selecting the right printer.
  11. You've connected your printer to the macOS device. You can run a print test to verify the same.

Viola! You have completed the setup of your Canon Pixma TS3122. That was fairly easy. You can now enjoy printing without the bother of wires from any part of your house or workplace. Thanks for reading this article. We hope you found it informative and helpful.

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