What private Indian high schools in Dubai offer a curriculum that is internationally-acclaimed?

There are approximately three million Indian expatriates in Dubai. This makes Indian High Schools in Dubai a popular choice. But, Dubai's overall population is not entirely made up of Indians. Dubai has many Indian schools that offer quality education for parents, including UAE nationals and expatriates.

Indian high schools have also introduced new educational programs to match the UAE's high standards of education. This ensures that Indian students can continue to access these schools from all backgrounds. Before choosing the school that will educate your children, parents should consider these factors.


There are 14 approved curricula in UAE. The best choice for your child's future will determine how they are shaped.


The admissions in the Indian high schools of Dubai are open all around the year. Admission is based on availability so it's a good idea to contact the school before April begins. These schools have a very easy admissions process. The majority of private schools in Dubai offer an inquiry form. Parents can fill out the form to ask any questions about admissions or general information. The school counselor team will respond to all questions and clear up any doubts. You can also visit the school's campus or view a virtual counselling guide to help you decide whether or not to admit your child.

School fees

While fees at private school in Dubai can range from AED 3000 to upwards of AED 75000, it is worthwhile to consider that school fees do not necessarily reflect the exact quality of education being offered. Parents should ensure that their child is able to afford the school fees for the entire school year.

Activities that are extracurricular or co-curricular

The UAE campus has been designed to save resources and provide practical experiences for everyone.

Indian High Schools offer a variety of spaces that provide a quality campus experience for students in a diverse and multicultural environment. They know how children benefit academically and personally by being involved in extracurricular and cocurricular activities. Students can explore their interests and find a passion outside of school. They also learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Children of all backgrounds and interests will find the vast array of ECAs or CCAs appealing. They offer a variety of activities that appeal to almost every student, including swimming, needlework, clay making, and martial arts. These activities offer parents, students, and educators the chance to have fun while helping us fulfill our mission of being a global leader in education.

The school makes every effort to motivate students to always be one step ahead of others. After School Activities (ASA) are offered by the school. These activities are a key part of holistic development. The school provides a safe learning environment and a rewarding experience to students in order to help them learn a new skill. ASA mainly offers classes in sports such as tennis, karate and cricket; and leisure activities like ballet, art, and music.


Parents should not overlook the importance of choosing a school that is meticulous in its teacher recruitment process. It is crucial to enroll your children in a school with well-trained and professional teachers who will guide them every step of their journey.

Modern Approach

It is no longer acceptable to teach the old way. With the world turning into a global village, many new modern techniques of teaching have been shared across and have been accepted by all the schools. Schools are now learning by doing practical things and experimenting. The school's old system of using grades to judge intelligence and mugging students has been eliminated. Most schools now have digital classrooms that enhance the student's learning experience.

Montessori Approach

Only a few schools in Dubai use the Montessori Approach. Maria Montessori, a physician, promoted the Montessori method of education. This model provides a supportive environment that allows students to grow and learn at their own pace. Students can choose from a variety of activity stations and can pick any activity that interests them. Instead of the traditional approach, students are split into small groups of 5-6 students and each one receives individual attention in order to grow and learn in their chosen field.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Global Indian International School (GIIS), a private school, includes all of the facilities mentioned above. It is proud to have a well-established management team and faculty. GIIS offers three curriculum options for students: the IB Primary Years Programme, CBSE and Cambridge (CLSP).

The school strives to provide holistic education and does so by combining academics with hands-on activities. The school has a wealth of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. It also boasts a world-class infrastructure, including Next - Gen Studios and Digital Classrooms. It has also introduced the renowned Montessori learning programme with its own additions of the latest innovative teaching methodologies with very reasonable fees in the range of AED 10600 to AED AED 12550 from Nursery all the way to Class 12.


To find the best private school in Dubai, you need to consider everything from campus to teaching faculty. These are just a few of the important points parents should keep in mind when choosing a school. Parents should ensure that their children are provided with an environment conducive to learning. Explore more schools. Don't forget about sharing this article with your friends. You might not know who may need it.