But he asked her why her sister could not be alone. How can she explain ethical kinship to a person who regards the secular world as nothing and lives only in his own world? What she wants to say is that love and affection are different, but second brother? Rufeng feebly closed his eyes, for the second brother, he simply did not have the so-called love and affection, all he knew about the feelings, is her. How can she teach a person who puts all her emotions on her to distinguish between love and affection? The night was exceptionally long. Rufeng lies there, experiencing the taste of insomnia for the first time. Waiting for the dawn, the original so difficult, the second brother, is this a year of the past? She wiped her face wet with tears. Do not know at this moment, the second brother is not haunted by nightmares, can not break free, can only struggle in vain in the dream? She pulled up the quilt to cover her eyes and let the tears flow silently. The next day, she got up very early and wiped the cake shop carefully before opening the door. When the door opened, she froze. The strange wind stood in the fog, with frost on his eyelashes. The wind! Hearing the sound of opening the door, his eyes lit up and he looked over with joy. You didn't go back last night? Can not say what feeling is in the heart, is angry, is distressed, such as the wind almost gritted his teeth, "you actually, frozen here all night?" "The wind?" Seemingly at a loss, the strange wind froze in place, looking at her doubtfully. Rufeng stared at him, and the veins on his forehead were jumping. "Have you been standing here all night, frozen?" The tone of her voice rose layer by layer,rosmarinic acid supplement, and by the end, it was almost a roar. The strange wind looked at her, and then the joy of the fundus rippled layer by layer, making the eyes clearer and brighter, "Wind?" He called to her with a grin. Walking like the wind, the footsteps were so heavy that the green bricks on the ground would shake three times. The wind! Qi Feng stepped forward and tried to hold her. But he was grabbed by the wind. "Don't hug me, don't call me." She's angry now, very angry. Especially the second brother's hand, in her palm like a piece of ice,tannic acid astringent, cold to the bone. Qi Feng stopped talking and let her take his hand and go into the shop. Sit down If the wind a command, strange wind a movement, he is no longer understand the world, but also know that this time absolutely can not go to offend her. Rufeng brought him a cup of hot water, "drink." Qifeng took it, took a sip, bent the corners of his mouth, and just as he was about to open his mouth, Rufeng looked over again, "Don't talk to me, I don't want to say it now." Qi Feng closed his mouth and drank the cup one mouthful after another. When the hot water entered his throat, his lips were no longer so terribly white. Rufeng held his breath and rushed upstairs again. Xiao Feng, what are you doing? The sound was so loud that Qiu's mother was woken up. Don't worry Rufeng, carrying a basin of water, ran down again, "Bang!" Put it on the ground, "wash your face!" Qi Feng glanced at her, wisely chose silence, turmeric extract powder ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, and crouched down. The water temperature is not too high, just a little warm, the strange wind soaks the hand in it, slowly restored some consciousness. A dark side, such as the wind also squatted down, is carrying a hot water kettle, bit by bit to add water inside, slowly raise the water temperature. Two people did not speak, but the scene, but particularly warm. Autumn mother came down from upstairs, is to see this picture, footsteps, involuntarily put a little lighter. What's going on here? Rufeng turned his head to look at her, "Mom, please cook some porridge!" Autumn mother took a look at Qifeng, Qifeng was staring intently at the side face of the wind, did not seem to notice their dialogue, at the moment, also had to nod, "good!" He turned to the kitchen in the back. Water poured a full basin, such as the wind reached down to grasp the palm of the strange wind pinched, feel OK, then pulled him to stand up, take a towel to dry. Take the water and come upstairs. Qi Feng followed her upstairs with a large basin of water. Rufeng pushed open the door of his room. The room was very simple. There was only a bed and a wardrobe. Rufeng pulled the quilt open. "Sit down and wash your feet. I'll bring you a basin.". ” When Qifeng finished soaking her feet, Qiu's mother had already pressed the porridge with a pressure cooker. Obviously, she also saw that Rufeng's mood was very wrong. At this time, it was better not to offend her. Rufeng stuffed a bowl of white porridge into Qifeng's hand, "Eat." Qifeng took it over and looked at her carefully, such as the wind beeping his mouth, "only rice, no food!" Qifeng lowered his eyes and began to drink porridge without saying a word. If the wind goes around to one side, he picks up his pajamas and throws them aside, and then spreads the quilt. Then rummaging around in the wardrobe for a long time, Qiu Rufeng had a lot of clothes. When she moved, she moved all of them. She seemed to have seen a few big ones before, but she didn't pay attention to them, so she stuffed them into the wardrobe. Turned over for a long time, finally turned out a set of sports fir, she shook open to see, men's, it seems to be new, is it difficult for Qiu Rufeng to buy ready to give away? Forget it, no matter, she hugged and turned around, only to see that Qifeng had finished drinking, was sitting on the bed with an empty bowl and looking at her motionless. She seemed to want to call her, but because she had begun to say that she could not speak, she had to sit there and wait for her to turn around and find out. So as soon as I saw her straighten up, there was joy on my face. The heart is angry again, see second elder brother this appearance, also is what gas does not send out. She threw the suit on him and took the empty bowl and chopsticks. "Change your clothes and sleep for a while." Qi Feng picked up his clothes and frowned slightly. Rufeng sighed, "Qiu Rufeng originally bought it, but it looks new." Qi Feng nodded and began to unbutton the windbreaker. Stop! If the wind suddenly shouted loudly, the strange wind hurriedly raised his head, two hands still on the button in front of his chest. Take off your clothes when I'm gone! Rufeng stared round, took a few steps, and then turned around,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, "before I come back, you have to change, I went to put the bowl." 。 prius-biotech.com