"Yifei." His grandfather grabbed his arm, tears filled with regret and sadness, and he knew that the most amazing son of the family would interpret the responsibility of the descendants of the emperor with his life, and that he would never return. The young man is Jiang Yifei, who is the head of the Jiang family in the contemporary era. He is so talented that he easily defeated the divine body in the clan. His real fighting power can be proud of the same generation of Beidou. It's just that he doesn't show off and keep a low profile. No one knows how strong he is, but anyone who knows him can only describe him as unfathomable. Now that the blood of my ancestors has revived in my body, I need to interpret it with my life, so that Emperor Hengyu can return and put down the darkest turmoil in history! Jiang Yi has a kind of appearance out of the dust, his face is still hanging a gentle smile, and there is no sadness, is still so detached and chic. Yifei! Many old people in the clan had trembling voices, but they could only call out the name like this, but there was no way to stop it. Now, who else in the Emperor's family can fight? Up to now, only the Ji family and the Jiang family still have the brand of their ancestors, and they can bring the emperor back to life with the help of the life fragments contained in the blood of the clan. This is the moment! Jiang Yifei stood up decisively and went up to the sky. I'll wait for you, Yifei. I believe you can come back! A woman in the back shouted loudly, already full of tears, the body can not help but tremble. She has no profound cultivation, no strong constitution, can almost be said to be an ordinary person, or even set foot on the road of practice, but with the peerless style of Jiang Yifei came together. She could not stop him, nor would she stop him. She could only stand here,wholesale plastic pallet, looking up at the stars, holding her hands on her chest and praying with tears, hoping that he would come back alive. Jiang Yifei's body trembled and did not look back. He paused slightly and said, "In this dark age, you must take good care of yourself and bring up Feng'er." I know.. I know! The woman wept, watching the peerless figure go away and disappear in the depths of the universe. She cried and knelt on the floor. Behind him, a little boy appeared, only three or four years old, said: "Mother does not cry,plastic pallet supplier, father will come back." He stretched out his tender little hand to help the woman wipe her tears, but he also had crystal tears falling on his tender cheeks. Mother did not cry, good child, we wait for your father to come back together! Behind them stood many old people, all silent, no one spoke, they had foreseen the result. The wind is good. Jiang Caixuan appeared, picked up the little boy, and picked up his sister-in-law. In the sky, Jiang Yifei turned into an eternal light, holding a constant furnace, burning all over, the furnace bright red, sprinkled with the blood of all the people of the clan. And he himself will also be integrated into the body of his ancestors, using his soul, bones and blood to awaken the potential of the former emperor's body, plastic bulk containers ,heavy duty plastic pallet, re-master the law of the emperor's way, so that the life fragments and roads of Hengyu Emperor in the blood of the clan can be gathered again. Boom! In the sky, a figure in white appeared, holding the fire God furnace, burst out in an instant, and came to the front, blending with the constant universe God furnace, two furnaces in one. God King! Jiang Yifei made a big gift when he saw it. Jiang Taixu lifted him up and took over the furnace of Hengyu God. His intention was obvious. He wanted to merge into the Tao and make a blood sacrifice. God King, Xuanzu, I can only go today, you can't go, Jiang's family still needs you to guard! Jiang Yifei refused. You are still young, go back, don't let the wind wait for a long time, don't let the woman waiting for you stay for a lifetime. The white-clothed God king whispered, patted him on the shoulder, tore open the void, and was about to banish him back to the Jiang family. No, in this life, there is no room for a little accident. My awakening is God's favor. The blood of my ancestors is fully recovered in my body. Even the appearance is the same. This is not a coincidence. The emperors of my family died in the dark age. Only I am the most suitable. Please let me go! Jiang Yifei is no longer as gentle as jade. He is very determined at the moment and insists on going. In my body, there is the hope of the resurrection of Emperor Hengyu. Only I can do it. Although you have participated in the creation, you are not the most suitable person. Jiang Yifei shouted. White God king Jiang Taixu did not speak, indeed, and there is no time to delay, the moment with him to fly to the depths of the universe, Hengyu furnace burst out the most brilliant light. The power of mind is a wonderful thing, and it is also a puzzling power. Otherwise, the immortal emperor would not have given birth to a divine fetus and studied intensively for a lifetime, and Amitabha Buddha would not have gathered the power of faith to create immortality. Now, in the despair of all living beings, can not help but miss the ancient emperor, really make the void return, will carry out the final battle, although he will disappear forever in the long river of time. And the other emperors were naturally recalled and remembered, and when a wisp of the imperial seal of the Jiang family penetrated into the vast ocean of mind, people's call for Heng Yu reached its strongest! "The return of Emperor Heng Yu." In the vast sky, there were shouts everywhere, like a drowning man grabbing a piece of driftwood, trying desperately to catch it and shout with his life. Boom! Shennong Awakens, the eye depth is the endless edge, bloomed let the sun, moon and stars to be eclipsed by the light, the whole person's momentum is strong also do not know how many times. He was fighting with several imperial weapons, and those weapons were willing to do so, but at this time he broke free, and he was alone in front of the Supreme. Moreover, the sky exploded, and the constant furnace flew, like the light of hope, illuminating the darkness, warming the cold universe, and breaking the shackles of eternity. No one could stop him. The God King and Jiang Yifei appeared and shared the imperial furnace made of the blood of the Phoenix. They were covered with blood and sacrificed their blood to the man opposite. I I'm back! A desolate voice shook the universe, and Shennong's eyes became more prosperous,plastic pallet bin, bursting out of the real Diwei, and the chaotic gas exploded billions of miles. The life of our ancestors continues in our blood, and now it really revives! God King in White and Jiang Yifei Shout. cnplasticpallet.com