Huang Kun and his classmates went to the fence. The gap in the fence was so narrow that they had to climb over it. By the time they climbed over the fence, the crotch had reached the school gate. www.xiaoshuotxt。 Com { t } { xt } { small } { say } { heaven } { hall Chapter 3 Contracts (3) When Huang Kun and his classmates ran out of the school gate, the crotch had already reached the Beiyuan Bridge. Then the crotch jumped off the canal from the Beiyuan Bridge. There were many people around, but none of them saw the crotch jump into the canal, because when the crotch entered the water, it did not make any sound. Huang Kun and others hurriedly ran to the Beiyuan Bridge, lying on the railing, looking at the water surface of the canal. The water was calm. The four students were scared silly and completely believed what Huang Kun said to them. Huang Kun said to his classmates, "He must have swam along the canal to the Yangtze River and then upstream to Zhenjiang Pavilion.". Let's go. Five people could not squeeze into a taxi, so Huang Kunhe took a taxi by himself. Unexpectedly, numbness drove faster than the taxi. Ten minutes later, we arrived at Zhenjiang Pavilion, but the taxi had not come yet. Huang Kun looked at the time on his mobile phone. It was already past twelve o'clock. Then he walked to the riverside. At this time, the river was not as big as it was during the summer flood season. It had retreated to the bottom of the river embankment, and the beach was exposed a lot. Huang Kun stood on the beach, looking carefully, more than ten meters upstream, there was a pair of lovers sitting on the slope of the river embankment, in addition, there was no one on the shore. There was a wooden boat floating in the middle of the river, and it seemed that the fisherman was casting a net. There was a voice behind Huang Kun, and Huang Kun knew that the students had arrived at their destination. Huang Kun carefully looked at the river, the river is still a little visibility,plastic pallet suppliers, the other side of the temple mouth of the West Dam, there are lights shining over. There is also a row of residential buildings on this side of the Yichang River, and the lights of the residential buildings are also reflected on the river surface. Under these lights, the river is black, and tiny waves spread all over the river. The sound of the river rattled. Huang Kun continued to look at the riverside, to see if anyone came, if the crotch to pull people, this time is almost the same. At this time,plastic bulk containers, Huang Kun saw something in the middle of the river, which was floating in the water, coming from the downstream direction, it must be the crotch. Huang Kun saw the crotch slowly floating to the side of the wooden boat, arm out of the water, to the side of the boat, Huang Kun was shocked, is the water monkey pulling Huang Kun, this time the target is the fisherman on the fishing boat? It must be. The fisherman must have offended the water monkey by helping the family of the deceased to get the body. The water monkey tried to kill him. Huang Kun looked at his crotch climbing quietly on the side of the boat, and the fisherman was just looking after the rolling hook he had thrown out, and did not realize that he had a pair of arms at his feet. The body of the crotch slowly climbed up the side of the boat, and half of his body climbed onto the boat. Huang Kun was in a hurry and shouted to the wooden boat, "Be careful, fishermen." But the fisherman heard Huang Kun's voice and just looked at the shore, not alert. Huang Kun understood that he could not see the crotch less than a foot away from him (the crotch looked like a water monkey). The fisherman looked left and right in the boat for a while, but found nothing. Huang Kun continued to shout to remind him, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet suppliers, but he ignored it. He bent down, took something, poured it into his mouth, and still slowly put the hook away on the boat to see if he had any harvest. Crotch has completely climbed onto the wooden boat, Huang Kun hurriedly went to the water, intended to swim over, to stop the crotch, in the end how to stop, he had no plan in mind. When Huang Kun was about to start swimming, he suddenly saw his crotch on the wooden boat and took something to drink. Huang Kun knew that this was the wine that the fishermen had just drunk. The fishermen on the Yangtze River were all good at drinking. The Yangtze River was humid and the temperature was low at night, so they had to drink to dispel the cold and dampness. Water monkeys, too, like to drink, often steal the wine of the people on the boat. Huang Kun thinks, crotch (water monkey) drank wine now, should be about to start work. Without even thinking about it, Huang Kun swam toward the wooden boat. Huang Kun is very risky to do so, he with his own moment of courage, want to deal with the monster in the water, every stroke, listening to the sound of the splash, the heart is hairy. Every part of his body was tense, his muscles were even a little stiff, and Huang Kun instinctively felt the danger coming. But in this deep black river, where does the danger come from? Maybe it will come from any direction like yourself. Huang Kun thought to himself, suddenly something appeared under his body and hugged himself at the waist. He saw that his crotch was a dead face. His crotch face was pale, his eyes were closed, but he looked at him with his teeth grinning. Huang Kun freed his hand and hit his crotch in the mouth. No reaction from the crotch. Huang Kun wondered, wasn't he going to pull the fisherman? How did he find me. Crotch suddenly force, from Huang Kun's body turned to the body, two people's position exchange, now is Huang Kun in the bottom, crotch instead to the top. Huang Kun's heart is still confused, the crotch suddenly became very heavy, Huang Kun pressed down to the bottom of the river. Huang Kun still did not realize that the crotch was directed at him, and his mind was still confused, but Huang Kun instinctively grabbed the face of the crotch and picked his eyes. Crotch eyes hurt, squeaked twice, holding Huang Kun's hand a little loose. Huang Kun hurriedly treaded water, floated to the surface, and shouted to the shore, "Help, help!" Huang Kun looked at the students who had followed him, who were already talking in a panic, and began to go into the water. But as soon as they reached the water, a man suddenly came out of the river and stopped the students. That man was the man who had looked at him seven days ago. Finished, Huang Kun's heart missed a beat, is the crotch directed at me. Huang Kun thought to himself and hurriedly swam toward the wooden boat. There were still fishermen there, and he could still save himself. Huang Kun was swimming in the water, treading water in the river. He did not know where the water monkey was hiding in the river. It would be bad for him at any time. Huang Kun felt great terror, not only for the water monkey,plastic pallet price, but also for the Yangtze River itself. Suddenly Huang Kun's feet were entangled by something, which must be a water monkey or a crotch, hugging his feet.